Boat Wood Furniture from the Beaches of Indonesia

Monarch Furnishings’ Boat Wood Range: Crafted by Indonesian artisans from tsunami-destroyed boats

Credit: Monarch Furnishings

A beautiful and sustainable salvaged boat wood bench from Monarch Furnishings

Tsunami-destroyed wooden boats make one last journey: Monarch Furnishings brings salvaged boat wood furniture from the tsunami-ravaged beaches of Indonesia to West Coast homes

On Boxing Day 2004, a tsunami ravaged Indonesia’s coast, ruining lives and livelihoods, leaving the coast littered in debris and destroying between 7,000 to 8,000 wooden boats.

Years later, pieces of these wooden boats, salvaged from the beaches of Indonesia, took another journey – to Monarch Furnishings in Victoria in the form of one-of-a-kind artisan-crafted furniture.

Image: Michael L. Bak. Surviving fishing boats clustered together in the aftermath of the tsunami

Making Some Good out of a Terrible Disaster

Monarch Furnishings, a company specializing in sustainable exotic hardwood home furnishings, has recently begun importing Indonesian furniture crafted from the wood salvaged from the destroyed boats.

The reclaimed furniture industry is not new to Indonesia, however, it has exploded after the tsunami. Monarch Furnishings’ co-owner Tony Martin says the salvaged boat wood furniture is an example of people “making some good out of a terrible disaster. We were pleased to work with these artisans and bring these unique pieces to Victoria,” Martin said.

Clearly passionate about the range, he added: “Not only are the pieces beautiful, they are sustainable because they are made completely of reclaimed wood, sometimes of rare kinds that can no longer be harvested. And it’s directly helping those communities rebuild.”

Image: Monarch Furnishings. Tall-back boat wood dining chair.

Rustic Hand-crafted Pieces that Tell a Story

The Boat Wood Range consists of unique coffee tables, high-back chairs, benches, stools and dining tables that Martin describes as “rustic modern.” The pieces are carefully crafted from rare salvaged woods such as aged teak, mahogany and mango wood from 40- to 60-year-old boats.

Indonesia is known for having the best wood workers in the world and it’s evident in these nautical pieces. Keeping the original paint intact on many of the large wooden slabs, the artisans have tastefully paid tribute to the ocean-going vessels these pieces once were.
Image: Monarch Furnishings. Glass top boat Wood Coffee Table.

As the furniture is made from marine-grade wood, it’s incredibly durable and perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor living. The Boat Wood Range has been so popular that a new shipment is on the way. “It’s not like anything you’ll get anywhere else,” Martin said.

He believes people love that every piece is different and tells a story, and that each purchase will help artisans in Indonesia pick up the pieces and rebuild the country’s economy.

Lydia Millett hails from New Zealand and has recently moved to Vancouver. She has an English literature degree and a diploma in creative writing.