Commercial Drive’s Little Miss Vintage a Treasure Trove of Second-hand Delights

Step into the rabbit hole, and be transported into a Wonderland of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories.

Step into Cora Burnette’s Commercial Drive wonderland of vintage sartorial treasures


When Alice tumbled down the fabled little rabbit hole, she found herself in a wonderland only her own imagination could invent. And stepping through a particular tiny door on Vancouver’s increasingly trendy Commercial Drive will transport you to Cora Burnette’s rendition of Wonderland: a sartorial survey of the 20th century, where clothes, shoes and accessories all play parts in her storybook of style.


Little Miss Vintage

941 Commercial Dr, Vancouver


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It’s quite easy to miss the little rabbit hole if you don’t keep your eyes wide open. A small, striped blue-and-orange sign, a mannequin and a tall green plant indicate you’ve found the spot: Little Miss Vintage, a treasure trove of vintage wares lovingly stocked in a very narrow space.


Cora Burnette is Little Miss Vintage

Cora Burnette, the owner of Little Miss Vintage, is the woman behind the neatly organized, carefully handpicked chaos.

“I’m pretty choosy with the things I like, and I choose everything that comes into the store,” says Burnette, herself the epitome of the boutique’s name and merchandise. Wearing a white short-sleeved top embellished with blue flowers, black and grey animal-print pants and bold red flats, Burnette curates her own brand of style, borrowing heavily from yesteryear.

“I love the little granny thrift stores,” she says. “I often will go to the States for whatever reason and I can’t resist going to these little towns and seeing what’s there.


“A lot of times that’s where the magic happens—and that’s where you find real people and real people’s belongings that have a life of their own and can be reused.”


Daymor 1960s Go Go dress

This 1960s “mega short” go-go dress is one of Cora Burnett’s favourites from among the many hand-picked items at Little Miss Vintage.


Get more bang for your buck with vintage fashion

That second-hand fashion is more environmentally friendly than buying new was a major reason behind Burnette’s decision to open the vintage store.


“I abhor manufacturing. I don’t think we need more clothing. Knowing how much waste there is out there just in clothing alone, there’s no reason to buy new things,” she says.


“Plus the quality of older items from the 20th century is way better than you find in things now.”

She believes thrift and vintage drive fashion and are more affordable compared to prices of today’s quality fashion items.


Another reason Burnette opened a vintage store was due to her husband Chris’s pleads. An inveterate vintage collector, she’d accumulated “too much stuff” at home; but with Little Miss Vintage, she has her own space and a happy clientele to share her passion with.


Little Miss Vintage Daymor Chiffon 1950s yellow party dress

“Add a bullet bra and you’re ready to go!” says Burnette of this Daymor Chiffon 1950s yellow party dress.


Ladies and gentleman… The Burnettes!

Before the store, the wife and husband duo were The Burnettes, a local indie rock band likened to the vintage-washed sounds of Ween, Yo La Tengo, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Elvis. During their 10-year run, they’ve produced four albums and two children—a boy and a girl, which also happens to be the title of their latest album.


Despite her affable nature, the mention of her music embarrasses Burnette.


“Everyone has different ideas of what’s great and what’s not,” she says. “It’s obnoxious of me to assume that everyone likes my music. We do it and it’s a labour of love. Same with the store; I pick the things I love and usually people will find something if they like my aesthetic.”