Cool Kitchen Gadgets: IceOrb Vertical Ice Cube Tray

Space-age style and smarts come together in a vertical alternative to the horizontal ice cube tray

Credit: Courtesy Fusion Brands

IceOrb is an ice cube tray, chillers and server in one

Admit it. We’ve all done it: walked ever-so-gingerly from sink to freezer, freshly filled ice-cube tray in hand, only to spill half of the water on the floor….

That petty kitchen annoyance has just been rendered obsolete thanks to Fusion Brands’ super-cool – and spill-proof! – IceOrb.

This is not just another gadget that will get lost in that drawer full of contraptions that once lured us with promises of making hulling strawberries, slicing pizza and steaming veggies oh-so-much easier.

Not just a vertical alternative to the spill-prone horizontal tray, the IceOrb is truly multifunctional (check out the instructional video here): you can make 21 spherical shaped “cubes” on the outside “wall,” use the inner wall to keep dips and beverages cool, and you can store up to 51 cubes inside. There’s even a lid you can tuck under the IceOrb when using it as a server to catch any condensation from dripping on the table. $19.95, Ming Wo

Tell us what kitchen gadget you can’t live without and what useless gadgets are lurking in your catch-all kitchen drawer!