Crate & Barrel Opens in Vancouver

Take a peek at some of the beautiful, functional and lust-worthy products available at Vancouver's first Crate & Barrel

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Vancouverites can now shop locally for home décor inspirations at Crate & Barrel

A trip to Seattle is no longer necessary to access Crate & Barrel‘s winning formula for home furnishings. Its products are high quality, contemporary, exceptionally pretty, functional, and seem to evoke a universal reaction of “must have now.”

The retail giant’s first Vancouver store is now open in Oakridge Centre. But before it opened its doors to the public, it opened its arms to the media, letting us come in for a sneak peek before the big launch.

Crate & Barrel renovated 27,000 square feet of space in Oakridge Centre, so there was a lot of ground to cover and plenty of new things to lust over. Luckily, the event was catered by Hawksworth, so we were well-nourished and hydrated while we scoped out the goods.

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Meet the Crate & Barrel Team

Some of the key figures behind the success of Crate & Barrel are Sascha Bopp, CEO; Deirdré Flynn, Senior Director of Canadian Retail; and Vicki Lang, Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs.

That’s them above, each pictured beside their favourite bed: (from left to right) Vicki with the Pavilion, Deirdré with the Collette II, and Sascha with the Tate.

Each of them actually has their above chosen bed at home.

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Sascha’s Favourite Things

Some of Sascha’s other favourite things include the Brooks leather couch, the Libations bar cart (very Mad Men), and the section of the store he humorously referred to as the Man Wall, an area full of things like grills, grilling tools and other outdoor cooking accessories.

But just around the corner from the Man Wall, Sascha was also excited to show me a boxed set of six differently coloured delicate glasses he was also coveting.

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Picturesque Patio Displays

When you first enter the store, you’ll spot the impressive patio displays – outdoor tables, chaises longues, sunbrellas, oversized planters, outdoor cushions…so many patio pretties, but practical, too. The Rochas line (pictured above, top left corner), for example, looks like it’s made from an exotic wood, but it’s actually comprised of weather-resistant polystyrene.

Deirdré said they started off very slowly with this material, introducing a limited line to select markets a few years ago. But it did so well and people were clamouring for more so Crate & Barrel responded with this new expanded collection. It’s gorgeous, easy to care for, and will hold up well in damp weather. I predict Vancouver’s going to pounce on this one.

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Deirdré’s Favourites

Some of Deirdré’s other favourite items are pictured above. Bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in is a strong trend that Deirdré enjoys. The blurring of defined spaces is an exciting opportunity to challenge your creativity. She likes things like terrariums, lanterns, and oversized planters – items that can fluidly move to different spaces depending on the season.

And the item above that isn’t like the others? It’s a strawberry huller, and Deirdré enthused over this particular one, which she says is brilliant for quickly cleaning strawberries. She gave a lot of them as gifts last year, along with a pint of strawberries of course.

There’s an entire wall devoted to assorted gadgets – not to be missed!

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Comfy-chic Cushions

One of Crate & Barrel’s most popular elements has got to be its stunning array of cushions. All patterns (including rugs) are original Crate & Barrel designs, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

“Changing your cushions is one of the easiest ways to update a look,” says Deirdré. “You can keep your larger investment pieces more neutral, then add pops of colour with cushions, updating them seasonally to keep things fresh.”

Credit: Leah DuHamel

Goodies Galore

A bit like a candy store for adults, Crate & Barrel will tempt you, regardless of your budget, life stage, or décor style. Whether you’re looking for a statement-making floor lamp, humble fish spatula, or designer Marimekko bed linens (above, centre), this will be a fun place to add to your retail repertoire.

Visit Crate & Barrel at Oakridge Centre: 650 W 41st Ave (at Cambie), 604-269-4300

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