Essential Kid-friendly Furniture and Decor

Kids bring with them spills, stains, and rips. When picking staples for your home, consider what will stand up to young children

When children are involved, durability is key when choosing essential home decor pieces

Q: I just moved and would like to invest in some key pieces, but I have young children. What do you suggest?

Investing in new furniture pieces can be tricky when you factor in young children. If you are thinking of furniture, we suggest focusing on the rooms that your family actually spends time in, such as the family room.

Fabrics: If the slip-covered look is not your esthetic, it is possible to treat a lot of natural fabrics with protective treatments either at the fabric mill or even on site, which will make it easier to spot clean or have professionally cleaned when necessary.

Dinner Table: This is a great time to invest in a large dining table that is comfortable for family dinners but also doubles as a homework or arts and crafts area during the day. We suggest a stone top or distressed wood top, both of which are durable and age well.

Art: We are also fans of investing in original or limited edition artwork, which, contrary to perception, can be both unique and affordable – especially in the case of emerging artists. Not only does art liven up a room but it can help define the mood and feel of the space.

Most artwork is hung at an adult’s eye level and therefore will be out of reach of little hands.

The Bedroom: Finally, consider splurging on the master bedroom. Make it the space you’ve always dreamed of and create a sanctuary for when you and your partner need a little downtime.

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