GreenPan ceramic non-stick cookware

Saul Brown's found an alternative to Teflon that he's comfortable sticking to.

Credit: GreenPan

A review of GreenPan, as part of a series on Teflon alternatives for non-stick cookware by Saul Brown

I’ve found an alternative to Teflon that I’m comfortable sticking to: The 13” GreenPan is my new kitchen fry pan and so far so good. It works great, feels good and has taken stress out of my non-stick dilemma.

GreenPan is a ceramic non-stick line of Belgian-made cookware products that are free of PFOAs and PTFEs. A great alternative for quality, health and environmental responsibility, GreenPan uses a material called Thermolon, which the company says “uses half the energy in its manufacturing of a PTFE-based coating,” and is free of PFOA—so has a smaller footprint on the environment and your health. However, because Thermolon is such a new material, the jury is still out on how safe it is.

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One of the benefits of GreenPan is its ability to brown. So look out, Ocean Wise halibut, I’m looking for you—you’ve got a date with my GreenPan!

GreenPan can be found locally in Vancouver at Cookworks at 1548 West Broadway and 377 Howe Street.