Hidden Gems: 5 Treasured Vancouver Tea Shops

Raise your pinky and try these tea shops for a taste of something a little more exotic than your Tetley

If your cup of tea comes from a lovingly brewed pot of specialty leaves, try a spot of tea at these treasured Vancouver tea spots

Tea may be trendy, but it's also steeped in history and global culture. You can virtually travel the world with the right choice of tea; Asia (green tea), the U.K. (earl grey), Africa (roiboos) or India (chai), and everywhere in between.

These five Vancouver specialty tea houses and tea-makers offer a unique journey into the world of tea without the need for a passport or plane ticket. So toss your Tetley and try a spot of something a little more exotic.

Unity Yoga Teahouse

Tucked away off Commercial Drive on East 10th, Unity Yoga Teahouse takes its teas seriously, and it's one of the city’s best kept secrets.

Unity’s teas are brewed by an in-house herbalist using certified organic and fair trade ingredients, available to stay or to go.

The Muscle & Crampy Tea is a stand-out, bursting with natural anti-inflammatories like chamomile and nettle, and a highly effective tonic for sore muscles.

If you like your sweets, the Rooibos Chocolate Tea is a treat with a drizzle of honey and a splash of almond milk, or as a blend with the Organic Peppermint Tea.


Established in 2005, Shaktea is like a spa for your soul, with tea as the treatment of choice. An urban escape on busy Main Street, Shaktea fosters a sense of calm inspired by the Hindu goddess Shakti who represents harmony and restoration.

Besides 75 diverse teas from around the world and quality tea accessories, like salt-fired tea pots, Shaktea also offers afternoon tea by reservation. This Afternoon Tea is daring and unique. Created by Maria Ma, Shaktea’s owner, the menu is an eclectic combination of Asian culinary influences and classic English high tea. You’ll get your egg sandwich, but it will be mixed with an Asian-inspired tea dressing. And at $24.95 per person, it’s a steal.

La Petite Cuillère

La Petite Cuillère is impossibly pretty. And though French in name, its real English bone china and high tea service will bring out your inner Brit.

It also offers three high tea menus and a full all-day brunch. But if you’re looking for a classic high tea experience, book the Afternoon Tea service, which comes with all the trimmings right down to the finger sandwiches, scones, and sweets served on a traditional three-tier stand. The Afternoon Tea is $24.50 per person and reservations are required for parties of four or more guests.

Bayswater Tea Company

For a taste of the exotic and luxurious, Bayswater Tea Company offers a huge array of unique teas to suit the most demanding of palates. This shop on West Broadway in Kits carries over 200 teas from all corners of the world and gorgeous tea accessories to top off the experience.

For health-conscious tea drinkers, the South American Yerba Mate is a hot pick. Offered in bold blends like Caramel and Organic Orange, Bayswater’s Yerba Mate strikes that rare combination of health and luxury all in one. The Divine Temptation tea, a heady black tea with actual chunks of hazelnut and nougat, makes the perfect gift.

Bayswater Tea Company is surrounded by a gorgeous array of independent shops and restaurants, so make a day of it. Just be sure it ends with a bag or two of exotic teas to take home.

Ayala Moriel Parfums

Ayala Moriel, an award-winning perfume-maker and connoisseur of the finer things of life, and the Vancouver-based founder of Ayala Moriel Parfums, also happens to have a line of stunning luxury teas.

Moriel’s perfumes inspire the teas, and she often launches the two together. The Zangvil Perfumed Tea is a take on Moriel’s Zangvil perfume, a spicy amber and ginger scent. The tea is a delicate white tea with a complex aromatic profile: floral and fruity, with woodsy and spicy notes and a hint of vanilla. With ingredients like crystallized ginger and vanilla bean, Zangvil Perfumed Tea is liquid glamour that can be re-steeped seven times without losing its sparkle.

Moriel’s tea parties and afternoon teas and perfume sensoriums in her live-work space in the West End are rather legendary, in a secret sort of way. If you’re looking to refine your palate and nose, you will not regret signing up. In the meantime, order some fancy tea and impress your friends.