How to Shop Like an Interior Designer

Megan Baker of The Cross Design and Decor reveals her favourite places to shop in Vancouver

Credit: Andy Fang Photography

Get the inside scoop on creating a perfectly curated space from one of Vancouver’s hottest interior designers

Interior designer Megan Baker has been transforming spaces for years with her signature modern-meets-traditional aesthetic – and her work at Vancouver’s trendy The Cross Design and Decor proves that the best homes incorporate pieces that are old and new. Ahead, she reveals her go-to decor shops in the city, so click through to get inspired for your next design project.

The Cross Design and Decor

“Only a slightly biased choice, I can barely walk into my office without bringing a piece back for a client or myself. Furniture, bedding, accessories, and gifts are all layered beautifully in the store. Some of my favourite stand-out pieces include the lighting and artwork.”

The Cross Design and Décor, 1198 Homer Street

Vancouver Special

“This is a great local spot selling a little bit of everything for the design-inspired. It’s the books and limited-copy magazines that draw me in, and the glassware is incredibly chic! Modern, modular furniture is their specialty, which is perfect for small apartment living in the city.”

Vancouver Special, 3612 Main Street


“A must-shop for the best mid-century modern pieces around, this is one of the first places I stepped into as a new designer in Vancouver and it’s continued to stay a favourite. Partway through a project – when I’m looking for the pieces that will make it unique – this is where I go. Fun lighting, perfectly retro barware, and at least one unexpected surprise make for great conversation pieces to bring home.”

ReFind, 4609 Main Street

The Found and The Freed

“An adorable name for a very well-curated vintage store, these ladies bring back the best industrial pieces from around North America. If you’re just getting acquainted with the search for second-hand finds, or aren’t interested in going through mountains of uncared for pieces just to find one treasure, this place will have you converted into a collector before you leave.”

The Found and the Freed, 706 Victoria Drive


“Once you’re able to stop admiring the beauty of the industrial building (formerly the housing for a printing press), the furniture will ensure a long tour through the space. Three floors of iconic styles always leave me feeling inspired to give industrial design a try. Anything Phillipe Stark or Kartell are my favourite quirky pieces to keep spaces from looking so serious!”

LivingSpace, 1706 West 1st Avenue

Le Marché St. George

“Anywhere that I can listen to people chatting in French while eating a Nutella crepe off a vintage silver tray makes my must-stop list. While not a home store at all, this house-turned-café is a beautiful spot to gather inspiration – and to replenish energy for more shopping. In the winter, they open up another section of the building for a pop-up shop of amazing textiles and artisan items for the home.”

Le Marché St. George, 4393 St. George Street

The Antique Warehouse

“As close to time travel as I can get, this store has me daydreaming the whole time I’m there. I love to look at pieces from the 17th and 19th centuries and imagine how many stories they could tell now. The owners and staff are extremely knowledgeable. For me, no space can feel truly comfortable until it showcases a mix of old and new design.”   

The Antique Warehouse, 226 SW Marine Drive

Credit: Goodge Place

Goodge Place

“Black-and-white patterns are a personal favourite, so when the B&W-striped awning of Goodge Place went up early this year, I was intrigued. They have really created a one-stop shop in terms of home styling, and then slipped in some stunning tile collections and a floral shop. It’s a nice spot to come away with a few little accessories and dreams of a new powder room finished entirely in white marble mosaic.”

Goodge Place, 1523 West 8th Avenue

Home Depot

“No amount of beautiful furniture, vintage accessories, and fun style details can look complete without the help of a little hardware. The finishing touches, like freshly painted trim or a dimmable light fixture, are so important. It really does make a difference and can take a space to the next level. I’ve always got something from here on my list and occasionally find myself wandering the aisles looking for late-night DIY materials!”

Home Depot, Various locations