Lunar New Year Gift Guide 2021

Welcome the Year of the Ox with these special Lunar New Year gift options for friends and family

Welcome the Year of the Ox with these special Lunar New Year gift options for friends and family

The holiday season might be over for most western nations, but many Asian countries are just gearing up for the Lunar New Year, beginning on February 12th. The first day of this lunar year marks the Year of the Ox and normally would include 15 days of feasts, celebrations and parades. Like so many other holidays, Lunar New Year festivities will look very different this time around.

Traditionally, this is a holiday centred on family, reflecting both upon lessons from the outgoing year and the excitement for what’s to come. The spirit behind all these elements can still be celebrated by everyone, near or far. And to help spread the goodwill, here’s our list of 10 lucky gifts to splurge on for yourself or for a loved ones. Make this a year to remember—for all the right reasons!

1. Dare to Dream Lunar New Year Red Enamel Pendant by Maison Birks, $2,500

Welcome a new year of good fortune and happiness with this exceptional pendant. It features a cylindrical design, colour blocked with the signature mesh motif of the Birks Dare to Dream collection in the centre, hugged on one side by a brilliant red enamel band and a luminous 18 karat yellow gold band on the other side. Take a closer look and you’ll find a golden ox engraving and a Birks diamond nestled inside the inner contours of the red enamel band. The adjustable chain can be worn at its full length of 18 inches, with options at one inch increments to a shortest length of 15 inches.
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2. Prestige Edition Rouge G Set by Guerlain, $350

This exceptional Rouge G set includes both a new limited edition case and Guerlain’s best-selling signature Number 214 lipstick refill in a satin red. The case is designed by Place Vendôme jeweller, Lorenz Bäumer, who designed and created the very first Rouge G. The red and gold jewelled case features a bee, which is the legendary symbol of House Guerlain. Each rhinestone has been individually applied by hand.
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3. Lunar New Year Chocolate Collection by Purdys, starting from $2.50

You can cancel the big family feast on Lunar New Year’s Eve, but everyone still deserves something sweet. These beautifully decorated boxes of chocolates from Purdys are perfect for dropping off to relatives as you wish everyone good fortune (from a distance). The tray-sizes assortments contain favourites likes mini hedgehogs and passion fruit, while smaller boxes feature seasonal flavours such as mandarin and yuzu. And small foil-wrapped treats are always a nice extra to tuck into little red envelopes.
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4. Dragon Legend Bubble Stick ($8.25) & Golden Lucky Coin Shampoo Bar ($12.95) by Lush

For the first time ever, Lush North America is releasing limited edition products in celebration of the Lunar New Year, both featuring sweet, warming and intoxicating jasmine. The lucky red bubbler will nourish skin with antioxidants like vitamin C and dragonfruit powders while mounds of bubbles scented with jasmine absolute and ylang ylang soothe the senses. The shampoo bar will moisturize locks with a two-in-one vegan formula featuring nut oils and shea butter, that leave hair glossy and soft while perfuming it with a sultry jasmine that lingers.
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5. Red Ox Graphic Sweatshirt by H&M, $49.99

This fire red sweatshirt features an abstract graphic on the front and the words, “Logical,” “Honest” and “Hardworking,” which are all traits associated with people born in the Year of the Ox. In small print, it elaborates, “Because of its role in agriculture, people born in the Year of the Ox are hardworking and honest, low-key and never look for praise. They think logically and make great leaders.” Sound like anyone you know?
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6. Spice 94 Non-alcoholic Spirit by Seedlip, $45

Let this be the inspired, alcohol-free base for your celebratory cocktails. It might not contain any alcohol or sweeteners or artificial flavours, but it has a highly complex and nuanced flavour profile that immediately conjures visions of copper distilleries, centuries-old recipes and herbs hand-sown and hand-picked. Spice 94 offers aromatic notes of allspice berries, cardamom and oak bark, all balanced beautifully by sparkling notes of tart grapefruit and lemon peels.

Plus award-winning Canadian beverage creator, Evelyn Chick, has developed a special Lunar New Year cocktail, just for us, featuring Spice 94.


  • 1 ounce Seedlip Spice 94 
  • 2 ounces pear juice 
  • 3 ounces green jasmine tea 
  • 3/4 ounce thyme honey syrup*
  • 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice


  1. In a cup, steep one jasmine green teabag in 20 millilitres of hot water for four to five minutes. Let cool. Using a 3 ounce shaker tin, combine pear juice, Seedlip Spice 94, thyme honey and lime juice. Dry shake until combined. Pour into glass filled with ice. Garnish with thyme and lemon.
  2. * For thyme honey syrup: In a pot, bring 250 milllilitres of water to a boil. Add 300 milllilitres of honey and three thyme sprigs. Let simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until fragrant. Remove thyme sprigs and store flavoured honey in airtight container.

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7. Plant Delivery by Plantsome

Plants are always a welcome gift to bring to a Lunar New Year celebration, and just because you’re not attending any family dinners in person this year doesn’t mean you can’t send a lucky, leafy gesture in your place. Plantsome is a plant delivery service that allows you to shop for plants and pots online and have them sent, all securely bundled up and ready for gift-giving. For Lunar New Year, they recommend a peace lily, gold pothos or money tree, although any of their 300 houseplants would make an excellent gift. They even have a three-month “happy plant guarantee” and offer delivery throughout B.C.
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8. Ox Rocks 2021 by Swatch, $165

Swatch’s Lunar New Year watch pays homage to the fact that it’s the year of the Metal Ox (as every Chinese zodiac year is defined not just by one of 12 animals, but also by one of five earthly elements). The gold and red strap represents good fortune, happiness, wealth and prosperity, while the intertwined oxen symbolize the co-existing yin yang energy we all hold within. Look closely and you’ll actually see “exist together in harmony” inscribed on the front dial—a gentle reminder for us all to make room for one another. The Swatch Ox Rocks 2021 comes in a striking round presentation box, mirroring the intertwined red and gold oxen on the lid.
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9. Solglimtar Paper Lanterns by IKEA, $2.49

Your favourite source for wrapping paper, holiday mini lights and strung ornaments now offers an assortment of Lunar New Year decorations, including these intricate red and gold paper lanterns. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, perfect for grouping in clusters to create beautiful textures and shadows. For these temporary ornaments, try using Command adjustable hooks, which can be repositioned and will release without damaging surfaces when the party’s over.
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10. Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury, $43

Charlotte Tilbury has released three limited edition colours in celebration of Lunar New Year: Sweet Blossom (dusty rose) in a satin finish, Lucky Cherry (bright, cherry red) in a matte finish and Rose Wish (brick red) also in a matte finish. Each of these are housed in a beautiful ruby red case with gold accents and a sparkling starburst pattern.
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