Moustache Products to Celebrate Movember

Get mo' out of your Movember with these fun moustache-inspired products

These must-have moustache products are an amusing (and less hairy) way to get into the Movember spirit

Looking for a little more mo’ this Movember? These products will help you celebrate the moustache season without having to forgo the razor.

Moustache-inspired Kitchen Products

Is it harder to keep food out of your moustache, or to keep the moustache out of your food? With these foodie-inspired products you can add a little mo’ to every meal.


Men’s Fashions to Keep You à la Mo’-de

Depending on your look, the ‘stache can help or hurt your gentleman factor. Ensure a little sophistication with these stylish accessories.

Fur for the Whole Fam

Feeling left out of the Movember fun? These products will help moustachio anyone who wants to get in on the action. And ladies, check out Movember Canada’s Mo-Sistas campaign to see how you can help.

Tech-mo’ Gadgets

Why shouldn’t your mo’-bile acquire a little fuzz? Track your fundraising progress with Movember Canada’s app, or Burt Reynolds your MacBook with these fun stickers.

Miscellaneous Moustaches

Round out your Movember mania with these me-mo’-rable pieces.