Mateus’ Handmade Ceramic Dishes Make for Colourful Meals

Swedish ceremic dishes from Mateus are so delectable you'll want to eat whatever's on them

These aubergine ceramic dishes from Mateus add colour to any meal

Embue your food with the beauty of these handmade ceramic dishes from Swedish company Mateus

It’s true: you eat with your eyes. So with dishes this gorgeous, anything you put on them will, by extension, taste amazing.

Artfully designed and built to last, these lace-patterned dishes by Swedish brand, Mateus, are handmade in Portugal where the craft of ceramics goes back centuries.

Glazed in rich earthy hues, like sand, ocean and aubergine (shown), these dishes have an organic affinity for enhancing anything they touch, from elaborate osso buco, to humble macaroni and cheese, to a bounty of seasonal berries.

What better way to showcase food that’s prepared with love? And once everything’s eaten, you’ll still have a stunningly set table. Pieces include large and small plates with rim-only or full lace options, tea light holders, mugs, jugs, and lidded jars. From $23.50; Örling and Wu

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