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Meet Canada’s Quality Sock Purveyor, Mistorm

With a focus on both creativity and quality, Mistorm Socks offers some of the season's top accessories

With a focus on both creativity and quality, Mistorm Socks offers some of the season’s top accessories

Featured in the recent Extraordinary Man #editorsbox, Toronto-based Mistorm Socks launched in 2019. Founded by an entrepreneurial couple who immigrated from Turkey, Mistorm’s mission was kickstarted by the realization that most of the business, casual and dress socks on the shelves in Canada contained a remarkable percentage of polyester, which impacts the overall quality of socks. Patterns and products of the endeavour that resulted are designed by a talented team in Toronto, and then produced in Turkey with love and care.

Here’s why the Mistorm offering will exceed your expectations…

Natural and non-synthetic materials

Mistorm’s founders spotted an urgent need for high-quality socks composed of natural and non-synthetic material (and free of polyester). Combined with a thorough understanding of the textile industry in Turkey, and its strengths, Mistorm’s production focuses on the combination of comfort and style. Current collections include merino wool, mercerized cotton, bamboo, modal, lambswool and combed cotton. Most socks produced use 200-needle Italian-made machines during production. For merino wool and mercerized cotton  socks, Mistorm uses 100 percent Italian fibres, while bamboo, combed cotton and modal options utilize a unique core-spun technology, which elasticizes the cotton fibre. This means there is no need to use nylon fibres to provide elasticity.

A philosophy that celebrates quality

Mistorm Socks is fuelled by a business philosophy that aims to provide dress and casual socks for both men and women, using the highest quality yarns. Most yarns are made in Italy with the use of the best raw materials, while Mistorm’s team works meticulously on specific patterns, compositions and models in classic and vibrant colours. The aim is to help consumers reflect personal style and taste when combining everyday attire with socks. Avoid polyester, Mistorm consistently focuses on developing new technologies to produce socks with the best composition.

Vibrant colours and classic style

Mistorm’s product line showcases a wide range of both classic and vibrant colours. Mercerized cotton, merino wool and lambswool socks are our among the most popular selections, offered in a comprehensive range of classic and colourful models. Mercerized cotton socks are made of 100 percent Italian mercerized cotton yarn (containing three percent elastane), and merino wool socks are made of 100 percent Italian merino wool yarn (containing three percent elastane). Other popular options include 60 percent merino wool, 20 percent combed cotton and 17/3 percent “core spun” cotton/elastic yarn.

“Core spun” is a special technology that elasticizes the cotton yarn without using any synthetic materials, meaning you can slip into socks and never touch nylon material. Core spun technology also highlights the bamboo, lambswool and modal offerings.

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