MINT Interiors Opens Two New Locations

With two new spaces and new designs, MINT Interiors is set to double your love for contemporary French-inspired pieces

Credit: MINT Interiors

French industrial design at MINT INTERIORS

MINT Interiors opens two new stores this summer

Co-owners of Vancouver’s MINT Interiors (1805 Fir Street at W. 2nd Ave), Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma, are opening the doors of two new spaces this summer; MINT Interiors is moving across the street to a newly renovated location, and in its spot will be MINT Gallery.

The gallery side of the brand will feature a new pared-down space with artisan pieces such as hand-blown glass and fine art, while the interiors side will retain its former collections and expand with some exciting new wares.

With this second iteration of MINT Interiors, the duo is aiming to create a New York-inspired loft space that will offer a huge collection of lighting fixtures, custom-upholstered furniture and a range of soft goods such as wallpaper, cushions and throw blankets.

Co-owner Rien Sharma says the store’s key anchor point will be larger furniture pieces influenced by French industrial design: lots of reclaimed wood, cool dining tables and chairs, and recycled metals. Sharma and McNamara are wrapping up major renovations to the new space for a mid-July opening.

The new space opens August 27th.

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