Love Local This Valentine’s Day

Pick out a piece from close to home that will be close to her heart

Credit: Pyrrha "Long Distance Love" necklace

Guys, impress your girl with beautiful locally designed jewellery

Guys, are you looking for the perfect gift for your girl? Something special? Something different? I’m here to make life easier for you (don’t worry, you can take all the credit). Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, these Vancouver jewellery lines offer up something special for that special someone.

Credit: Luxe Design


If you’re looking to create something custom, then Luxe Design is the way to go. My personal favourite is the charm necklace, which is just the necklace form of a charm bracelet. I recently made one with my family’s names and added the Om charm, the lucky eye, the hamsa hand and some stones – it’s a protection charm necklace for my family.

Credit: Pyrrha


I’m absolutely in love with Pyrrah. This husband-wife design duo creates powerful statement pieces that don’t overpower the wearer. Pyrrha makes jewelry based on antique wax seals and heraldic talismans, and there is a meaning behind every symbol they use. You can order from their collection or have something made personally for you. I had pendants made representing each of my sons with their names engraved on them – so special.

Fox Talisman Open Bangle, $292

Credit: Isla Found

Isla Found

Vancouver-based jewellery line Isla Found draws inspiration from nature, architecture, vintage art, global experiences and, of course, fashion. Translating their love of design into wearable art, Isla Found creates contemporary statement pieces that work for almost any occasion.

Neve Gold Necklace, $55

Live Beautiful

OK, these designers are actually from Toronto not Vancouver, but I couldn’t leave them off my list. Live Beautiful creates luxe, handcrafted, quality jewellery with an eco-conscience, using recycled and reclaimed materials. Their pieces are feminine, fun and fabulous.

Willa Stacked Rings, $210