Object of Desire: Quirky I’m Boo Carafe by Muuto

This cute-meets-cool carafe is intended to represent the best of Scandinavian design

Credit: Muuto


I’m Boo by Muuto

For some reason, I have a little obsession with vessels.

And pretty much any container fits my fixation: super-slim glass vases that can be grouped together, delicate Japanese bowls bedecked with floral motifs, and old-fashioned pitchers just begging to be filled with freshly squeezed OJ.

What’s even better than finding that just-right piece? Using it in a non-traditional way (if only to justify the purchase). For instance, my robin’s egg blue sake set (a garage sale find) has never been used for, well, sake. But it has been pressed into service many times to support a single orchid stem or a gnarled willow branch.  

The latest vessel to capture my affection is this cute-meets-cool I’m Boo carafe by Danish company Muuto. The curvilinear glass creation is the brainchild of Norway Says, a Finnish design trio that Muuto enlisted to help realize its goal of representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

But what is a “Boo,” you might wonder. Norway Says describes the object as such: “Boo is like the skin, or a balloon surrounding the water with openings that tell the simple story of fluid motion in and out of the glass. The carafe exudes a strong personality, as if it’s saying ‘I’m Boo, who are you?’”

This object personified even comes in a range of colours. My pick is purple, but it is also available in smoky grey-blue and clear. Find Muuto products at Living Space or Vancouver Special.