7 Reusable Holiday Gift Adornment Ideas

Ditch the generic store-bought bows and ribbons this season and try out these creative DIY gift toppers sure to make your present pop

Think beyond the bow this holiday season and make your gift’s final flourish something that is not only beautiful, but useful


Herbs not only look and smell beautiful as garnish on a package, they can also be used post gift-opening for seasoning the holiday meal. Ensure herbs are washed and dried, and select hard herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage. Not only will hard herbs be more accessible this time of year, they will keep well on your gift.


Crystals are believed to have various benefits such as clarity in thinking (clear quartz geode), encouraging love (rose quartz) and prosperity and abundance (citrine). The benefit of a crystal here? They are very pretty and will add instant wow factor to your presentation. Secure a crystal or geode to a gift with wire, ensuring to be gentle to avoid damaging it. 


A candy cane, or any of its peppermint cousins, is not a rare sight this time of year—but adding it to an otherwise simple gift presentation will add the perfect touch of nostalgia and sweetness. Rock Candy lollipops also add a fun, festive touch.


Second only to the candy cane for the most nostalgic of sweet holiday treats is the mandarin orange. The mini citrus treat atop your package will add a dose of the unexpected. Tie the orange to your gift with ribbon or twine, making sure not to give it too tight a squeeze.


A festive ornament is an effortless upgrade to a bow that will be enjoyed on the holiday tree for years to come. With no shortage of selection out there, choosing the ornament will likely be the biggest challenge here.

Tea towels

Particularly handy for an unusually shaped gift, knot a tea towel around a parcel for a unique wrap job. The best part? The packaging doesn’t end up in the trash and will come in handy after the gift inside is revealed. Stay on theme by using tea towels to wrap kitchen or home gifts.


So seldom does a photo ever escape our screens these days that a printed photo seems like a touch of luxury. Adorn your package with a special photo that can be kept or framed after the holidays. Added bonus: If you took the photo yourself and the gift receiver hasn’t yet seen it, it’ll be a lovely suprise!