Sneak Peek: Bring Your Caffeine Obsession Home with BC Home’s Guide to the Best Coffee Makers

Meet Your Maker: Take that coffee obsession to new heights with a sneak peek at BC Home’s buyers’ guide for finding the best brewers 

Credit: Courtesy Alessi

Alessi’s stainless steel Neapolitan espresso maker

Living on the West Coast, it’s hard to escape our obsession with coffeeeven at home

A few months back, in conversation with a colleague, I admitted that if I had to give up a vice—coffee or wine—I’d happily forgo the latter in favour of my daily double-shot Americano (made at home) brewed from organic fair-trade espresso. 

Espresso Machines with Pumps and Steam? Or Coffeemaker Machines with Capsules and Pods?

Naturally, many of us want to recreate that same quality of dark brew to savour on the weekend, while fixating over the New York Times crossword. There are simple French presses and the fail-safe pod systems that—gasp!—even Italy has embraced.

Not to mention the quirky Chemex system that seems more suited to mad scientist than barista. Or the iconic Victoria Arduino espresso machine with its dramatic eagle, the first of which was manufactured in 1905.

Coffee Makers: Finding the Best Brewer

Space-age machines or old-school brewers? The real decision is down to your desire to make a pot of moka-style coffee stovetop, or impress your guests with a macchiato or a latte crowned with a cushion of foam.

Need to discover the difference between capsule and pod systems, or decipher pump versus steam machines? Then pick up the October issue of BC Home magazine, where we offer up our coffee makers buyers’ guide to get you in the know.

In the meantime, here are some coffee-themed items that have captured my attention:

1. The fantastic poster art spawned by the classic machine—Victoria Arduino—and created by artist and “father of advertising” Leonetto Cappiello.

2. The retro-cool hourglass shape and wood “girdle” of the low-tech Chemex is sure to delight coffee geeks. 

3. Dreamfarm’s smart and chic Grindenstein knock out box. Gotta get those grinds out!

4. Stelton’s super-slick coffee carafe shows how serious you are about a stylish coffee service.