Strellson Sportswear Reveals New Menswear Collections

Strellson spokesman David Altow talks style, suits and foldable bikes with BCLiving

Credit: Strellson

Strellson Unveils Their Latest Collections at The Hudson’s Bay in Vancouver

Established in Switzerland in 1984, Strellson Sportswear has earned the right to refer to themselves as an international brand. Since their humble founding by Hugo Boss’ grandsons, Strellson has expanded to establish stores in more than 40 countries. On May 7th, Strellson’s Canadian spokesman, David Altow, paid a visit to The Hudson’s Bay (where the line is carried) at Pacific Centre to show off what they’ve been working on lately, including a look at an exciting collaboration. 

Credit: Strellson

Spring/Summer 2014

Strellson’s Spring/Summer Sportswear collection plays with colour, and lack thereof, to create versatile looks. The lineup features lots of faded blues and monochrome pieces, accented by a few bursts of colour. Strellson’s trademark seems to be their attention to detail, and it shows in their Premium collection. The collection orbits around the concept of relaxed, light clothing that can still be worn to formal affairs. The styles are loose and soft, with a simple and classic approach to colour that’s broken up by patterns and colour blocking in the accents. 

Credit: Strellson

Fall/Winter 2014

The Fall/Winter Sportswear lineup is a throwback to ’90s and ’80s style that reimagines the rebellion of the grunge movement. They encourage combining plaids with leather jackets and denim to achieve a nostalgic look with modern touches. They found their colour inspiration in winter twilights, which translates to dusky blues and sharp, monochromatic accessories. The contradiction of loose-fitting styles and well-tailored slim silhouettes plays a prominent role in the Premium line this fall. Like in their sportswear collection, colours tend to be shadowy. Altow noted the importance of red and black this coming season, which can be seen in an abundance of burgundy pieces. 

Credit: Strellson

Urban Mobility in Collaboration with Bianchi

The Urban Mobility collection debuts this summer and was designed as a joint project between Strellson and Bianchi Bikes. The collection focuses on lightweight foldable bikes that have been designed with the urban commuter in mind. There will be thirty bikes available for sale in Canada, but there will be just one in Vancouver, located at The Hudson’s Bay. Accompanying the bike is a line of clothing to complement it both aesthetically and functionality. The line is tailored to city biking, with reflective trim and material that’s lightweight, breathable, and (as any Vancouverite can appreciate) quick drying. 

Credit: Strellson

30th Anniversary Suit

2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Strellson’s foundation and they’re celebrating with their 30th Anniversary Suit. The three piece suit pays homage to the original suit that the company launched with, but redesigned with the modern man in mind. The suit is slim-fitting and designed to be comfortable, while still being a classy symbol of Strellson’s traditional roots.