Tamara Taggart’s Holiday Favourites

Tamara Taggart shares her festive favourites

Credit: Kyriani Kanavaros

CTV News at Six anchor Tamara Taggart shares her family’s favourite holiday activities

CTV’s Tamara Taggart loves Christmas. Here she shares some of the things she looks forward to during the holidays

CTV News at Six anchor Tamara Taggart knows Christmastime is about more than just presents and eggnog. Here are some of the things that bring joy to Tamara’s world during the holidays

The Stanley Park Christmas Train

“We like to go to the Stanley Park Christmas train. It just sets the scene for the holidays. The lights, the cold – everybody’s in the mood for Christmas. The kids feel like it’s really special because it’s dark outside and they’re usually in bed so early. They get to stay up late and it’s magical. It really gets them into the spirit of the holidays.”

Christmas Open House

“My husband and I have a Christmas party every year. We call it our Christmas Open House. It usually starts at four in the afternoon and it goes till about four in the morning and people just come and go. We have drinks and food and music, and it’s probably our favourite thing that we do over the holidays. We love it so much. When it’s over, we start planning next year’s party.”

Pyjama Party

We’re sort of homebodies. I like to go out to the grocery store and get everything and then hunker down for three or four days. I consider it a successful holiday season if I can go a lot of days without leaving the house. We like to get in our pyjamas and stay that way for as long as possible during the holidays.”

Baking and Crafting

“We like to do a little baking. A lot of times we make my grandma’s whipped shortbread. It’s quite possibly the easiest cookie in the world to make. It’s delicious and we like things easy around here at Christmastime. We enjoy baking, but we really like to craft. We get our craft on big time at Christmas.”

Tamara’s Top Three Christmas Movies

Charlie Brown Christmas“I have quite a library of Christmas DVDs. My kids are easygoing and will watch anything”

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Skip the Jim Carrey version and stick with this cartoon classic. That Mr. Grinch, he really is a heel.
  • Christmas Vacation: Dry turkey. Faulty Christmas lights. Ram-paging squirrels. Chevy Chase is at his finest in what is still one of the funniest holiday movies.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they set out to find the true meaning of Christmas.