The Perfect Chair: A Fritz Hansen RIN

When Japanese ingenuity meets Scandinavian design traditions, the result is a perfect chair

Beauty and practicality combine in this Fritz Hansen RIN chair

Hiromicho Konno had just one goal when he designed the RIN™ chair for Fritz Hansen: to create the perfect chair.

“I wanted to make a beautiful chair that can stimulate and awaken emotions in people,” says Konno. “It must be able to appeal visually but also make us feel a form of elegance when we sit in it. Therefore, I have established something poetical, simple, strong, relaxed and innovative all at the same time.”

The international designer studied his craft in Japan and Sweden, thus RIN is in harmony with both Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions.

And, Konno says, the chair is not only elegant and futuristic, it invites you to sit in it for hours. Perhaps to ponder an ideal partner: the perfect table.

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