Thrifty but Thrilling: DIY Halloween Costume Trends

Inspire costume envy this Halloween by thrifting your way to a one-of-a-kind costume

Inspire costume envy this Halloween by thrifting your way to a one-of-a-kind costume

Each fall, Value Village tracks the most popular costume crazes in its annual Halloween trends survey. If the 2017 results are on the mark, expect plenty of costumes inspired by your favourite TV shows, box office hits and superhero flicks.

Here are our favourite thrifty costume ideas for this Halloween 2017…


1. Join the Night’s Watch

Here’s some serious DIY inspiration: the costume designer for HBO’s Game of Thrones recently revealed that the animal pelt cloaks for the Night’s Watch were actually Ikea rugs. Dressing up the family like you’re going to defend the Wall has an unexpected benefit: layering up the kids will ensure they stay warm. Don’t forget to bring along a stuffed white dog to be your direwolf!


2. ’80s looks inspired by Stranger Things

Dress up like a teen from the 1980s in a Stranger Things-style costume this year. If you want to go as Elle, you’ll need a pink dress, tennis shoes and a box of Eggo waffles. Going as poor, forgotten Barb is a great idea too! This costume idea is perfect for groups who like a common theme, but also want to be comfortable (and goofy) this Halloween.


3. Act like royalty

Did you catch the Netflix drama The Queen? This Halloween, pick up glamorous thrift store finds to create your own regal look. Finally, an excuse to wear a tiara and a fur stole in public!


4. Go Riverdale High!

Archie was back in a big way this year with The CW’s Riverdale. Take that inspiration—and your bestie along—by dressing up as cheerleaders Betty and Veronica. For a last-minute costume idea, you can make a paper crown and go as Jughead. Bonus points if you can convince your friends to join you as Josie and the Pussycats!


5. Goofy couple costumes

Get matchy-matchy and coordinate your Halloween costumes this year. Try giving your partner a bushy wig—instant Bob Ross—while you go as a “happy little tree.”


6. Squad costumes

If you are hitting Halloween parties with a group of friends this year, then #squadgoals costumes are for you. Dress up as Wonder Woman and the Amazons by wearing Grecian dresses with warrior details or, given the popularity of a new Star Trek series, try going as Starfleet crew members for a classic yet topical group costume.

No matter what your chosen look, be sure to visit thrift and second-hand stores—and check back often—for the best selection as Halloween approaches.