Expert Tips for Buying a Valentine’s Day Bouquet

We've got dos and don'ts from a pro so you don't make a floral faux pas this year

Expert advice provided by Genevieve Blondin, owner, Garden Party Flowers

Traditionally, February 14th marks one of the biggest flower-gifting days of the year in North America. Whether you’re celebrating your significant other, a new sweetheart, or treating your gal pals, nothing says “you’re important to me” like a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and some sweet nothings in a heartfelt card (don’t forget the card!).

Read on for my dos and don’ts for anyone planning to send flowers this Valentine’s Day…

For the grand gesture

For a Valentine’s Day your lover won’t forget, choose Juliet roses. Juliet garden roses are one of the rarest and most sought-after rose varieties in the world. Each sophisticated flower head has approximately 92 delicate petals. If Juliet roses aren’t available, the timeless classic bouquet of 50 luxurious red roses will be sure to impress your Valentine as well.

For the procrastinator

True love plans ahead! Don’t wait until February 14th (or even the 12th or 13th) to get your bouquet order in. Florists are only able to get a certain inventory of roses and they’re first come, first served. If you have a specific type of arrangement in mind and wait too long to place your order, you may be disappointed.

For the budget-conscious

Garden Party Flowers
Garden Party Flowers

Carnations are making a comeback. With flower industry costs rising, carnations are gaining favourand for good reason. They are resilient flowers that last forever (well, weeks anyway), they’re available in many colours, and they’re budget-friendly. When paired with other flowers, they blend well, offering the appearance of a luxurious bouquet without the huge price tag.

For the gal pal

Garden Party Flowers
Garden Party Flowers

If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or spoiling a platonic pal, have fun! Stay away from classic roses and explore exotic, bright coloured blooms. Many spring blooms are now available from local growers here in B.C.; for example, tulips are a great, fresh choice at this time of year. Look for cheerful colours like purple, oranges, corals and greens.

For the romantic

Garden Party Flowers roses basket
Garden Party Flowers

Impress your love with a gift basket. Many florists partner with other local businesses to offer gift baskets with wine, chocolates and self-care products. To really show your special someone you’re willing to go the extra mile, say yes to the add ons. Garden Party baskets include products like Fitz Brut from Greata Ranch Vineyard, Hollow Tree Candles, Beta5 chocolates and Base Botanique handmade Bath Bombs.

For the new love

If it’s your first time sending flowers to this special someone, make sure you know which address they’ll be at during delivery time. There’s no point in having a gorgeous bouquet show up at their house only to find out they’re in the office for the day.

For the one who loves surprises

Garden Party Flowers red roses
Garden Party Flowers

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists, flower shops and delivery drivers. To beat the rush and surprise your love, have Valentine’s Day flowers delivered a few days early. It’ll allow your lover to wake up to their blooms on Valentine’s Day and it’ll save the stress of wondering if the delivery might not arrive until 8 p.m. Valentine’s Day evening.

For unrequited love

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day to an unwilling recipient isn’t ideal. A refused bouquet wastes your money and your florist’s time. If you’re not sure about the status of your love this year, we recommend treating yourself to flowers instead.

For the longtime sweetheart

Garden Party Flowers
Garden Party Flowers

If you’d like to mix it up after years of red roses, but still celebrate a classic love, try pastel roses. A modern mix of soft pinks, purples whites, creams and yellows make a fresh change while still staying elegant enough to keep tradition.

For the detail-oriented

Garden Party Flowers
Garden Party Flowers

If you have a vision of the arrangement or bouquet you’re hoping to give, be specific when ordering. Add notes with any particular colours, varieties or styles you’d like to see. Floral designers are highly skilled, but they’re not mind readers. They want you and your love to have the bouquet of your dreams so don’t hold back providing details in your order about your ideal gift.