A Touch of Punk: Classy Fashions to Punk Up Your Style

Add a dash of sass without losing your class in this season's punk revival

A toned down punk revival means you can punk up your wardrobe with class rather than crass

Punk ideals may be all about counter-culture, but punk fashions are making a cultured comeback with styles and undertones that’ll bring out your inner anarchist without putting your budget (or job!) on the line.

Here’s a look at how to rock a little punk without the shock factor.

Credit: Zara/Smart Set

Punk in Pink

Aside from the obvious black, hot pink is one of punk’s most basic colours, and an easy way to work punk into your wardrobe is to choose items in this fantastic fushia.

These cropped pants from Zara, and this bright dress from Smart Set are sure to kickstart your personal punk revival efforts.

Credit: H&M/H&M

Punky Bottoms

If you’re willing to go a little more daring, try these striped leggings from H&M. Pair them with a black lace top for a dark but classy look.

For a subtler punk statement, try these faux leather-detailed leggings on for size. These work great with a loose-fit tee for bumming around on the weekend, or a shimmery blouse if you’re heading out for drinks with the girls.

The Leather Look

What’s punk without a little leather? Pick a statement piece like this leather pencil skirt from BCBG Max Azria, which works great for an evening out or even the office. Pair it with a patterned top or a silk shirt for a fabulous punk-inspired outfit.

This leather vest from Aritzia is sure to bring out your wild side. Dress it down with a T-shirt and jeans, or throw it over a maxi dress for added visual interest.

Punk Light

If the whole idea of punk is a bit intimidating, then try doing punk in a fresher way.

These crochet shorts from Joe Fresh are dressy enough for the office and can be paired with a fushia coloured top. They’re very versatile and have a great texture without too much flash.

Instead of a black jacket, try this white one from Aritzia. Punk elements can be seen in the angled cut and zipper adornments, but it’s lighter than a biker jacket.

Credit: Zara/Zara

Casual Punk

Incorporate punk elements into your weekend wardrobe with loose-fitting graphic tees. These two options from Zara pair perfectly with those leader-detailed leggings from H&M.

Or, dress up the striped tee, which has a leather detail in the collar and a zipper in the back, with a leather skirt for a night on the town.

Credit: Aldo/

Punk Footwear

The easiest way to display your new love of punk is on your feet, with spikes and heels befitting a true anarchist. Look for the combination of black and gold detailing and you’ll know you’ve found punk.

These ballet flats from Aldo ditch the girly factor for a pointed metal toe. Or, opt for these killer heels, decked out with flashy buckles, for a true statement piece.

Credit: Aldo/Aldo/J.Crew

Bejeweled Punk

Punky accessories like thisunique jewelry say punk without too much risk. These necklaces from Aldo add a hard-core element to a button-up or high-collared shirt. Finish by wrapping this gorgeous chain-link bracelet from J.Crew around your wrist to punctuate your punk statement.

Classy Fashions to Punk Up Your Style