Valentine’s Day Gifts with a Twist

Bored with the same old hearts, candy and flowers? Here’s an idea: give Valentine’s Day gifts with a creative twist on the basics  

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Go beyond generic Valentine’s Day gifts without giving up chocolate and flowers

What to get a lover on Valentine’s Day when the usual suspects – candy, flowers, bubbly or a romantic restaurant meal – are a bit too generic

Valentine’s gifts are clichés for a reason. We like getting candy and flowers – they assure us we’re being courted.

But there’s no reason you can’t put a personal spin on these one-size-fits-all gifts. Below, a guide to creative alternatives for generic gifts. 

Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Gift with These Creative Twists

Instead of red roses: Try an all-red bouquet of exotics, like ginger flower and bird of paradise, for a racy take on romance. If you’re practically penniless try red tulips. A huge armful can be yours for less than $20. 

Instead of chocolates: Try baking your own heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies – the recipe is on the bag of chips, and your hand-formed hearts will have homemade appeal. Or melt chips in a microwave or over boiling water, then dip in cut-up fruit for a sensual chocolate fondue. 

Instead of bubbly: Why not try something more meaningful? A bottle from the year of your partner’s birth, or from the year you met, is a thoughtful alternative.

Instead of a fancy restaurant meal: A romantic dinner for two at home is a time-honoured budget take on the tradition, but consider a romantic picnic in a surprising locale: show up at your partner’s workplace with heart-shaped sandwiches, or take snacks to a spot overlooking your favourite view.  

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