Where to buy ecobedding supplies

Find retailers in Vancouver who sell all-natural, eco-friendly bedding products.

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Where to buy eco-bedding supplies in Vancouver

Dream Designs

What’s in store: Organic cotton, hemp/ramie sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Duvets filled with spun bamboo fibre and pillows filled with buckwheat or kapok.

DreamMakers Luxury Bedding Store

What’s in store: High-end bedding including bamboo charcoal pillows and natural-filled duvets and pillows, many of which are made in Canada.


What’s in store: Natural memory foam and 100 percent natural latex ruber mattresses and pillows manufactured in Montreal.

In Bed Organics / Organic O Canada

www.inbedorganics.com / www.organicocanada.com
What’s in store: Pure latex rubber mattresses and pillows (and baby bed sets), 100 percent certified organic cotton sheets and duvet covers, untreated wool pillows and mattress pads, and more.


What’s in store: Chemical-free Sultan mattresses made from wool, organic cotton, silk corn-based fibre and natural latex.

Lace Goods

What’s in store: 100 percent bamboo sheet sets and duvet covers.


What’s in store: Certified-organic cotton sheets, pillowcases and quilts, organic wool pillows, natural latex pillows and mattresses, 100 percent bamboo sheets, and more.


What’s in store: Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers made from organic cotton or organic hemp.

Why should I spend the extra dough on eco-bedding?

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