Pure Magnolia reveals their new collection of eco-friendly wedding gowns at EPIC

Calling all eco-friendly brides: Pure Mangolia's new Garden Collection revealed at EPIC 2011

Credit: EPIC

Green wedding dresses from Pure Magnolia float down the EPIC runway

Brides-to-be who want a perfect day, without the environmental impact, were in heaven at EPIC: Sustainable Living Expo this month.


The EPIC wedding showcase provided green choices for cakes and catering, flowers and décor, and to top it all off, Pure Magnolia, the North Vancouver based eco-friendly wedding dress company released their new Garden collection.


Slim feather dress made from raw silk. (Image: Lauren Wilcockson)


The Garden Collection: Gowns for the west coast bride

Crowds at EP!C were treated to 24 gorgeous dresses from the Garden Collection, which designer Patty Nayel describes as, “Simplistic, west coast inspired and fun.”


The Garden collection features everything from long skirts and trails to short, chic pieces. A number of gorgeous gowns floated down the runway; some of dresses were classic and simple in creams and whites, but many had stunning intricate details with touches of sparkle, vintage lace, delicate frills, silk rosettes and feathers.


“These are dresses for the west coast bride who is going to get married on the beach in Tofino, in their backyard, or at the cabin.” Nayel says.


The Dupioni silk garden dress that inspired the collection. (Image: Lauren Wilcockson)


Something old: Recycled vintage fabrics

Pure Magnolia is always on the look out for items like vintage lace that can be turned into new masterpieces. Where some designers see flaws in a fabric, Nayel sees a unique detail that could be turned into a feature.


Nayel loves working with recycled fabrics: “There’s that added excitement of not knowing what you are going to get. Sometimes a piece of lace will come into the studio and I might think it’s the most horribly tacky lace ever, but somehow we find the perfect dress for it and make it beautiful again.”


Organza goddess dress with soft silk organza, a lace bust and beaded belt. (Image: Lauren Wilcockson)


Something new: Work with Pure Magnolia to design your dream gown

The selection at EPIC was impressive, but if you have something specific in mind, Pure Magnolia is happy to work with you to produce a unique, eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind custom piece.


50s style vintage polka dot dress. (Image: Lauren Wilcockson)


Something borrowed: Rent a gown from Pure Magnolia

The wedding dress is a girl’s most crucial item on that special day, but afterwards it typically becomes an expensive permanent resident in the closet. So if you’re looking for a more affordable option, and you’re serious about being eco-friendly, Pure Magnolia offers wedding dress rentals.


It’s a great idea. You can have your dream dress for the big day and be assured your gown won’t just sit in a closet forever after.


Lace vinyard ball gown. (image: Lauren Wilcockson)


Something Green: hemp silk and vintage satin

Pure Magnolia dresses are made from a range of fabrics that are eco-friendly, including vintage bridal satin gleened from old wedding dresses, hemp silk satin as an alternative to traditional bridal satin, silk charmeuse re-used from the cutting room floors of lingerie manufacturers and dupioni silk organza made by breeder cocoons (meaning that the busy little silkworms get to live on as moths after their work is done).

Feathery fascinator. (Image: Pure Magnolia)


Another epic success for Pure Magnolia this year

“Getting ready for Epic is always a huge challenge. Epic is right at the beginning of my busy season and I am working on the new dresses for months before.” Nayel says.


All the hard work paid off though, with plenty of eager brides-to-be trying on dresses at the show. Nayel says she loves showing at EPIC.


“So far everyone has loved the collection!”