Vancouver Brides Unite!

Putting a personal touch on your wedding with secondhand and indie bridal goods.

Bridal swaps are an eco-friendly way to make your something old another bride’s something new, while Etsy and Indie I Do give your big day a smack of charm and personality


No matter the size and cost of a wedding, there will inevitably be leftovers—not the edible kind, but the decorative and sartorial kind. Unless the bride and groom rented every piece of décor and clothing (ha!), they’re going to have a big pile of “I’ll never use this again.” I’ve got two—and a birdcage.


Vancouver Bridal Swap

February 20, 10:30–4 p.m.

Heritage Hall

3102 Main St, Vancouver

Thanks to Vancouver’s first bridal swap at Heritage Hall, local couples now have a better venue than Craigslist to hawk their secondhand goods. My eye twitches at the very thought of photographing, cataloging and uploading all of my wedding items online. Bringing everything down to Heritage Hall for a one-day blowout—that’s more my style.


Typical leftovers include blank stationery, candle holders, table runners, vases—the minutia that seem insignificant for resale but accumulate to a big win for other brides.


The swap is a must-do event for any bride, whether you want to go big and buy a secondhand dress or just a nice sign-in pen; there will be tables upon tables of goods. And because the sellers are all former brides (with only a few vendors exhibiting), there’s sure to be some friendly bargaining.



Etsy for wedding accoutrement

As a bride-to-be this past year, I found myself trolling the web for discount vases and small one-of-a-kind treasures. Etsy is always an excellent resource for unique items that will put a personal stamp on your big day.


Indie I Do wedding show

January 22, 2011, 11–5 p.m.

Heritage Hall

3102 Main St, Vancouver

A show for indie brides

If you’re throwing an offbeat wedding or you want some quirky touches à la Etsy, Vancouver’s Indie I Do alternative wedding show is also coming to Heritage Hall (January 22, 2011). The show features local and independent designers, retailers, and vendors that offer something more than your typical white wedding show.


Secondhand is great for wedding staples like flower vases, but if you’re looking for more special, personalized touches, spend some time on Etsy and don’t miss the Indie I Do show.



Birdcage cardholders are a great secondhand find and can easily be painted or redecorated to your wedding’s theme. (Image: Kristen Hilderman)


White shoes are ubiquitous among brides, but after one wear, they’re ready to be passed on—because white satin says one of two things: “I do” or “I have no fashion sense.” (Image: Bliss Bridal Shoes)


custom cake topper
Etsy seller samyii creates custom cake toppers with the bride and groom’s eye and hair colours and wedding outfits. She really captured my eyes perfectly. (Image: Blü Studio Photography)

custom wedding stamp
Etsy seller Modern Art Stamps creates custom stamps, which are great for napkins, envelopes and favours. I sent her my design and she rendered it in rubber. Easy peasy. (Image: Kate Pugh)