The first program to be released is a cooking show with one special ingredient: cannabis

A former reality TV star, an award-winning host, an alternative digital media company, and a mini series on marijuana

Vancouver-based LadyPants Productions has collaborated with Jerrick Media to create a three-part digital show themed around weed: Baked, Marijuana Minute, and Stoners in Stilettos.

LadyPants Productions is founded by former Real Housewives of Vancouver personality Mary Zilba, and local television personality Fiona Forbes, both who were thrilled to sign the deal with the New York-based media company that thrives on a providing an alternative to traditional programming.

“It's exciting to be creating content for this cutting edge, disruptive, and very important new genre. This is just the beginning in helping to pioneer programming within the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes. The landscape of the marijuana business all around the world is just getting started and we are so excited to be a part of it."

The first part, Baked, is set to be released in June 2016 alongside Jerrick Media’s launch of Potent.Media (an online platform focusing on marijuana-themed content). It features Vancouver personality, pin-up model, and celebrity, Mary Jean Dunsdon, aka Watermelon, in a cooking show with one special ingredient: cannabis.

Jeremy Frommer, CEO of Jerrick Media is excited for this opportunity. "As a fan of Mary Zilba and Fiona Forbes' TV and digital projects, I was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with their company LadyPants Productions to create best-in-class content for our upcoming marijuana-themed website Potent.Media."

Frommer formed the company in 2012 with his longtime friend and producer Rick Schwartz, whose credits include Black Swan, The Departed, and the Spike TV Series Lip Sync Battle

Jerrick Media will develop, finance, and distribute the series, while LadyPants Productions will provide creative content, writing and direction.