The water lily can be an elusive bloomer, so here are a few ideas to maximize your chances of a spectacular show. Hardy lilies can overwinter in our climate as long as the crown and roots of the plant are in water that does not freeze. These hardy lilies like to be planted in a low, flat dish, as their shallow rhizomes need room to expand sideways. Use a large dish – at least 40 centimetres wide – to allow room for future growth without replanting right away. This will encourage more consistent blooming, as every time you repot a lily, you set it back. Plant your hardy water lily with its crown exposed, ensuring the rhizome is at a 45-degree angle to the side of the bowl. A hardy lily will begin growing when water temperatures surpass 16°C. At this point, feed your lily by inserting fertilizer tabs into the soil. Full-sun plants, water lilies will need no less than six hours of sunshine per day to develop flowers.