Lauren Sabo from Botany & Co. rounds up her top five tips on how to make your flowers and wine work together to elevate your spring celebrations


1. Consider the label

Wine & Flower Pairings-1Page + PaperKeep your colour palette in mind by matching your party florals to the label on your bottle. This peach-coloured label, when paired with peachy tulips and roses, adds a pop of colour to spring celebrations.


2. Think about flavours before fragrance

Wine & Flower Pairings-4Page + PaperPinot Grigio is a popular choice for the spring since it pairs with favourite spring foods like halibut and shrimp, or cheeses like chèvre and burrata. At a food-focused gathering, it’s best to choose scentless flowers, like seasonal ranunculus and anemones, to keep guests focused on the flavours of the wine and food.


3. Match the vine to the wine

wine and vinePage + PaperWhy not match the colour of your wine to your flowers? Use creamy yellows for whites, and for summer reds like Pinot Noir, pair with burgundy 'Red Charm' peonies, to accent the deep colour of the wine.


4. Keep it cool

Wine & Flower Pairings-2Page + PaperTulips, peonies and hyacinths make a beautiful centrepiece and bloom for longer when kept cool. Chill your peonies in the fridge alongside your favourite white wine, and keep your hyacinths away from direct sunlight to preserve the opening process for longer.


5. Don't forget to treat the host

Wine & Flower Pairings-5Page + PaperIf you’re not the one doing the entertaining, remember to bring a host gift. Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular wine varietals, making it a great go-to for gifts. Complete the package with a sweet and simple bouquet as adaptable as the wine, opting for neutral and creamy spring florals like quicksand roses, mottled hellebores and cream lisianthus for a gift you can be sure any host will love.