Easter Treats and Sweets 2019

From unicorn chocolates to themed accessories, fill your Easter basket with a variety of creative gifts this season

From unicorn chocolates to themed accessories, fill your Easter basket with a variety of creative gifts this season

1. Temper Pastry

This season, Temper Pastry rolls out the rarest of all confections: the Unicorn Chocolate Egg. The adorable white chocolate egg comes complete with a golden horn, and is filled with signature mini eggs and truffle eggs. Only 20 will be created, so ensure your order is in for the April 1st debut. (And, no, this mythical wonder is no April Fool’s joke!)

Later in the month, Temper stocks as many treats as the Easter Bunny, with a variety of dark, milk and white chocolate options as well as chocolate mini eggs and more, all available through April 22nd.

2. Indigo

The Easter Shop at Indigo is chock full of seasonal treats, from books that are “Easter Bunny-approved” to plush animals and more. Our favourite this year? The adorable Andrews and Blaine Easter baskets, which come in a variety of styles including a studious bunny, a fierce dragon, a magical unicorn and a fluffy chick. Each runs $14.00.

3. Thierry Chocolaterie and Patisserie

Vancouver’s sweet favourite Thierry brightens up spring with a host of seasonal offerings, including three enticing cakes: a mango tart, a fromage blanc and a gateaux cassis, all available in individual servings as well as small, medium and large options. Prices begin at $8.15.

If you tend more toward chocolate goodies, gift boxes offer flavours including pistachio, and passion fruit, with individual pieces beginning at $1.99. Macarons reflect fresh tones of the season ranging from jasmine to blackberry—at $2.50 per piece—while a new crème brûlée recipe boasts a unique passion fruit flavour.

4. Purdys

This year, Purdys is offering up all of their classic Easter confections, as well as some exciting new goodies. Among the traditional treats are their super-cute chocolate bunnies (in milk, dark and white chocolate), specialty eggs (including fudge, yolk, peanut butter and more) and plenty of assorted gift bags. New this year is the gorgeous Golden Egg Tin, filled with mini chocolate eggs, and their bag of Chickadee eggs, which are not just sweet and delicious, but also peanut-free and naturally coloured.

5. Beaucoup Bakery and Café

At Beaucoup, spring blooms are a source of inspiration, with new pastries including a lavender rhubarb orange choux and a cardamom saffron flan. The bakery’s signature double-baked croissant for spring is the jasmine blueberry, made with jasmine-scented almond cream, blueberry compote and topped with an almond streusel.  (Spring menu items are available until June 23, 2019.)

From April 2nd to 21st, snap up one of Beaucoup’s classicand delicious!hot cross buns, running $2.80 per bun or $16.75 for a loaf containing 8 small buns.

6. Sugarfina

Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery team up for the season, offering gummy bears that are fat-free, non-GMO and all natural… plus they contain 30 percent less sugar than traditional gummy bears and offer additional vitamins A and C. A large bottle is priced at $17.95, while the cute, portable four-shot carrier houses individual shot bottles of four flavours: green juice, roots, citrus and vanilla almond for the same price. (A seven-day gummy bear “cleanse” runs $34.95.) Fluffy bunny sours, strawberry-flavoured bunny tail gummies and milk chocolate marshmallow egg chicks are also on the menu for $10.95 each.

7. Ladurée

This season, Ladurée called on renowned Parisian-Japanese chef Morihide Yoshida for a collaboration that resulted in a seasonal collection with an inventive Japanese influence. Special menu items include the white chocolate and yazu macaron at $3.30 each, with a chocolate tart with sakura and matcha notes also available at $11. A limited edition Easter macaron collection and the classic pastel treats are also gorgeous holiday options.

8. Tim Hortons

Two iconic sweets come together this season at Tim Hortons. Cadbury Mini Egg donuts are now available for a limited time, covered in spring-colour sprinkles. A second option is the adorable Timbit bunny, covered in green sprinkles and adorned with Mini Egg ears. Each is priced at $1.69.

9. Chez Christophe

The holiday collections at Burnaby’s Chez Christophe are always creative… but this Easter, they spring to a whole new level. From the delicate Plume dessert ($6.45), featuring vanilla monte, strawberry lemon confit and rhubarb gel in a pastry shell, to the hand-painted Farmhouse Hen showpiece ($28.95), these are truly works of art.