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Healthy Eating for Busy Lives

A spoonful of health

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Ra Energy for every meal

Ra Energy comes in three different flavours: Garlic, Naturally Sweet and Plain.

How a few simple seeds can make a world of difference to your energy, body and mind.

There’s a reason Ra Energy is found in the produce section of the grocery store: the all-natural, organic supplement is packed with ultra-nutritious seeds that act as super-fuel for the body. Just a tablespoon can pack a delicious, nutritious punch, a relief in this hectic modern world where finding time for a proper meal can be a challenge.

Everybody knows life gets busy, and that sometimes a chaotic schedule can get in the way of eating right. Fast food and pre-packaged meals are a staple of modern life—but convenience can take an unfortunate toll on our health. Poor eating habits can affect our waistlines, sure, but our overall wellness takes a hit too with every over-processed meal we eat.

Take it from nutrition coach Adam Hart, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes at age 26 after a lifetime of subsisting on junk food. “I was suffering [from] depression, anxiety, food allergies and asthma. After my diagnosis, I began studying nutrition and it wasn’t long before I’d not only lost the extra weight and reversed my pre-diabetic condition, but also discovered how to live from a place of joy and abundance.”

But when we’re pressed for time—balancing work, family, friends and more—it can be tough to get all the nutrients we need on the go. That’s why Hart created Ra Energy. With a unique blend of organic and locally produced seeds, Ra Energy is packed with quality carbohydrates, vital proteins and essential Omega-3 fatty acids—that means more energy, stronger muscles and a healthier heart. The all-natural, high-fibre nutritional supplement mixes shelled hemp unhulled sesame, sprouted buckwheat, chia and flax for an energy boost that lasts all day. It just takes seven days, sprinkling a little on every meal, to see the difference.

Gayle Lundie of Sidney, B.C., knows first-hand the benefits that eating just a few spoonfuls of Ra Energy daily can have. She got a bag as a gift from her daughter, and happily saw results right away. “I’d been on a diet for a while and had hit a plateau. I took it faithfully three times a day, and lost four pounds in a week,” she marvels. “But the best part is that I’ve got more energy, and I’m not hungry between meals.”

Lundie shakes Ra Energy onto each of her meals, from cereal to poached eggs to soup, and because it’s available in three varieties (garlic, naturally sweetened and plain) there’s a flavour match for any dish. “It’s like those hot sauce commercials,” she laughs. “I’ll put it on everything!” Lundie was an early adopter of natural foods, and has tried nutritional supplements over the years, but none have worked as well for her and her lifestyle as Ra Energy. “I’ve got my daughters taking it, and my friends—I figure if something works, I want to let people know!”

Eating healthy on the go is no longer a challenge thanks to Hart’s innovation. And because Ra Energy is available in travel packets that slip easily into a lunch bag as well as in shakers to keep on hand in the kitchen, it’s simple to add a boost of health, wherever and whenever.

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