Vancouver’s Best Halloween Sweets and Treats

Forget the tricks! This year, food purveyors in the Vancouver area are offering up sweet treats for Halloween

Forget the tricks! This year, food purveyors in the Vancouver area are offering up sweet treats for Halloween

Bobbing for apples sounds lovely in theory but slicing up a piece of Mummy Pie—best served à la mode, naturally—makes for a much drier, more delicious treat. This season, a number of local makers, bakers and chocolatiers are serving up wickedly delicious treats that will surely be the talk of your Halloween festivities.

Here are just a few of our favourites…


1. Le Tigre ice cream at La Glace

La Glace on Vancouver’s westside excels at handmade artisanal ice creamsand their take on Halloween flavour puts a French twist on a Canadian classic. Le Tigre is the shop’s orange-based ice cream, available now until October 31st only. The blend, which folds in famed Valrhona chocolate and liqourice, is offered by the scoop for a limited time.
La Glace, 2785 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver


2. Chocolate skulls and eyeballs at Chez Christophe

The chocolate and candy confections at Burnaby Heights’ Chez Christophe can always be described as exquisite but, this season, one can easily add ghoulish and spooky to the list of adjectives. If you’ll pardon the pun, the “Eye See You” treats quite literally need to be seen to be believed, and the “Tete de Mort” chocolate skulls (pictured at top) are the perfect gift for a party host. Festive lollipops are also available in a variety of styles.
Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie, 4717 Hastings Street, Burnaby

3. Mummy apple pie and more at The Pie Hole

Handmade pies, made with locally sourced ingredients, have made The Pie Hole one of the leading providers of baked goods in both Vancouver and Burnaby. Sweet and savoury selections are among visitors’ favourites but, this Halloween, the options go ghoulish. The Mummy Apple Pie is a comic culinary treat made with both B.C. Gala and Granny Smith apples while the Candy Bar Pie mixes creamy caramel with peanuts, dark chocolate and mini Oh Henry bars for a decadent dessert. Even the signature pumpkin pies get a seasonal makeover with Halloween-specific designs.
The Pie Hole, 3497 Fraser Street, Vancouver and 7832 6th Street, Burnaby


4. Seasonal brioche at Beaucoup

Beaucoup Bakery and Café offers a fall menu including apple, sage, pumpkin and other seasonal flavoursbut their pastries get a festive kick with the new Spooky Halloween brioche buns. Filled with sour cherry compote and sesame buttercream, the treats are available from October 27th to 31st.
Beaucoup, 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver