5 Natural Pest Solutions for Your Pet

Taking care of our pets doesn't have to mean using harsh chemicals and products

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Try these natural pest solutions to keep your furry friend healthy and happy

Late summer is the perfect time to explore our beautiful B.C. coastline with your four-legged friend. But with the warm weather comes an increase in pests that can harm your pet. Ticks are a real danger to dogs because they can cause allergic reactions and cause Lyme disease, which can spread to people and make them very sick.

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Use a natural repellent

Ensure your pet doesn’t attract unwanted pests by adding a natural pest deterrent to their collar or a bandana. In its guide to non-toxic deterrents, the Natural Resources Defence Council recommends essential oils made with lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary or thyme, which you can purchase in a natural health store. A few drops of geranium, cedar and lavender oils on your dog’s collar will act as a natural bug-stopper. If your dog has a skin irritation, stop using immediately. Avoid tea tree oil: it is toxic to both cats and dogs.

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Create a pest-free zone

Mosquitos love breeding in standing water and ticks feel most at home in the woods. Create a “tick-free zone” around your home by eliminating pools of stagnant water, like unused bird baths and puddles. Keep bushes and trees trimmed back and make sure your lawn is neatly trimmed.

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Clean house

After being outdoors, pets can bring pests inside, where they can make a home inside your home. Make sure to keep bedding clean—yours and theirs—and check pets often for fleas and ticks when they come back into the house. Wash blankets that your pets use in hot water. Keep pests at bay by vacuuming regularly and emptying the canister. This cordless Dyson V8 has a HEPA filtration system to decrease allergens and a quick push-button release so you can easily empty it after each use.

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Just add lemon

Battle pests with fruit! Lemon is a natural flea deterrent, and it smells great too. Add a cup of lemon juice to your dog’s weekly bath, or simply squeeze some onto their comb while you’re brushing them to naturally keep the bugs away. You can also create your own bug spray by pouring boiling water over a thinly sliced lemon. Let it steep overnight in a bowl and pour liquid into spray bottle. Spritz your pup before they head outside.

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Lasso them away

If a tick does latch onto your dog, the key is to remove the whole body to decrease the risk of infection. This simple Trix Tick Lasso from MEC has a slim design that easily slides into thick fur of the hairiest dog, and also works well for people. Throw it into your car glove box on your next camping trip.

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Go natural

No matter if you’re heading into the backcountry or to the beach, you don’t need harsh pesticides or chemicals to keep your pets safe from pests. Greening Your Pet Care, on Amazon and in bookstores, is packed with tips and tricks for natural solutions to keep fleas and mosquitos at bay, plus recipes to make your own doggie bug spray and non-toxic shampoos.