A Simple Strategy to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Do this one thing every day and you’ll see results.

Credit: Flickr/Angela

Stay consistent with your eating and workouts with this simple method.

Stay on track with this simple strategy.

The secret to any diet or exercise program is consistency.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to stay consistent with your fitness plan is to keep track of your eating and your training.

Every day write down what you’ve eaten and what you’ve done for exercise or activity. Choose whatever medium works best for you. If you like high tech, you can use a fitness app or weight loss app. You could also use a web-based tracker like My Fitness Pal.

But don’t think you need to go high tech. For years, I used a small logbook to keep track of my workouts.

Another low-tech option is to print out a weekly meal plan and stick it on your fridge. Then simply tick off each meal after you’ve eaten it.  

Keeping track of your nutrition and exercise brings about focus and awareness. You’ll see where you need to make changes and it keeps you accountable to yourself. It also serves as a success journal, giving your positive reinforcement to stick with your program.

It may sound overly simplistic but it works. Try it out for yourself. Track your eating and activity every day for two weeks and see what happens.