Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga go beyond helping your mobility

Credit: Flickr / Matt J. Olsen

Yoga can do more than just help your flexibility

Vancouver is a yoga lover’s paradise

There are a wide variety of yoga classes offered at studios, community centres and gyms. Many Vancouverites dress like they regularly practice yoga even if they don’t actually do it. So many, in fact, that one of the most popular yoga wear brands in the world, Lululemon, was founded here.

How Can Yoga Help You

I’ll admit I’m not a regular yoga goer. I’ve done it briefly in the past and enjoyed it but I don’t have time in my schedule to fit in another workout. My wife, on the other hand, has been going to yoga for years.

Everyone mentions yoga when the topic of flexibility comes up but I wanted to find out if there are other benefits to yoga. Taking a look through the research literature here’s what I found:

Is Yoga Dangerous?

Social media was lit up last year with an article that claimed yoga can be dangerous. While any activity may be potentially dangerous, I think this story overstated the risks of yoga for healthy people.

That said, you should take the same precautions with yoga as with any other form of exercise:

  • Follow a gradual progression. Don’t try to touch your nose to your knees in your first class.
  • Look for qualified instructors and get proper instruction. A good instructor should be able to give you modifications for any moves that aren’t safe for you or you can’t do correctly.
  • If you do have any medical or health issues, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise. In the case of yoga, if you’ve had any spine or neck injuries, check with your specialist if there are any movements you should avoid or modify.

Yoga can be a great addition to an exercise program. Give it a go to improve your mobility, relieve stress and potentially have less pain.