Board the Fjord SUP Race

Looking for a challenging and fun way to spend your Sunday morning? Board the Fjord!

Credit: Curb Ivanic

End the summer with a paddleboarding race around the waters of Deep Cove.

Summer may be ending but you can still enjoy some standup paddleboarding (SUP)

Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak is hosting its annual Board the Fjord SUP race Sunday, September 18.

Don’t think you need to be able to paddle like Laird Hamilton to sign up. While there is a competitive long course (13.5 km), there’s also a recreational short course route (6.5 km), a four-person co-ed relay and a kid’s course (under 1 km).

If you don’t have a board you can rent one from the store.

Ideal Place to Learn Standup Paddleboarding

I’ve done a number of paddles around the Deep Cove area over the last couple of years and it truly is a great place to try paddleboarding.

in addition to the beautiful scenery, the conditions are often ideal for the beginning paddler. In the morning the water is often flat and there isn’t a lot of boat traffic early on. The wind is generally calm in the early part of the day, especially if you don’t venture out into the open water.

You can also stick relatively close to the shoreline as you develop your skills. Once you feel comfortable you can take longer trips across the bay and explore the region.

Pushing Your Limits Safely

An event like this is a great way to test your limits in a supportive, fun environment. Paddleboarders are a pretty chilled out group and while there might be some fierce competition among the elites, everyone is there mainly to enjoy themselves. And if you ask any top performing athlete, they’ll all tell you that having fun is a big reason they participate in their chosen sport.

You’ll develop your skills by competing in events like this. You can observe what the other competitors are doing and also get tips from those better than you.

So while the sun may have decided to hide behind the clouds for a while, don’t think that the summertime fun has to end just yet. Get a board and get out there!