Celebrity Workouts You Can Model

Some of today's celebrities use great workouts that can get you into top shape

Credit: Flickr/asterix611

Some celebrity workouts, like Kelly Ripa’s, are a great example to follow

Celebrity workout routines have come a long way since Jane Fonda’s workout videos in the 70s

I’m not a big celebrity follower but I’ve seen a few things recently that impressed me. Some of today’s celebrities follow workouts that can actually give you great results.

Since my wife’s been home on maternity leave she frequently has the TV on in the background in the mornings. I can hear it from my office. She usually catches part of the morning news and then Live! With Kelly & Regis comes on.

Kelly Ripa’s Workout

I’ll admit I’ve got a thing for Kelly Ripa. She’s on my celebrity freebie list. (If you’re married I’m sure you’ll know what this is. And for the record my wife has a list too.) I’ll often come out of the office to catch a few minutes of this intelligent, well-spoken and insanely fit woman.

During one episode Kelly took us through one of her workouts with her trainer Keith Byard. I was impressed with the workout he put her through.

There was no lifting tiny little weights and doing long, slow cardio on the elliptical trainer. This was a kick-ass sweat-fest. She was doing bodyweight exercises such as full push-ups, power exercises such as ball slam passes and running at a fairly brisk pace outdoors.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Workout

Then just last week I happened to hear something on The View that caught my attention. Normally I would rather hear nails scrapping on a blackboard than listen to the hosts of this show, but in this episode Elisabeth Hasselbeck was showing viewers her workout with her trainer.

I was even more impressed with Elisabeth’s workout than I was with Kelly’s (sorry Kelly). Her trainer included interval training, deadlifts and inverted rows among the exercises. Overall it was a great strength building workout.

These women had some knowledgeable trainers coaching them. The good news is so do you. The types of workouts these trainers had Kelly and Elisabeth doing are exactly the workouts I’ve been prescribing.

So there you have it. You can get your own celebrity workout by simply reading this blog.