Coast Mountain Trail Series Offers 4 Unique Races

Do you love to get fit but hate the gym? Check out this new trail race series in B.C.

Credit: Rob Shaer

Spectacular outdoor scenery is the norm in the Coast Mountain Trail Series

Amazing scenery, fresh air and smiling – if out of breath – faces can all be found at the Coast Mountain Trail Series

This cool, new trail running series is the antithesis of the often crowded, pavement-pounding events. Leaving behind car fumes and condo high rises, you’ll instead be refreshed by mountain breezes and running in the shadows of tall pine trees.

With such beautiful environments, it’s no wonder that trail running is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and B.C. has some of the world’s best trails for running.

The Coast Mountain Trail Series takes advantage of the sweet terrain in southwestern B.C. and is great addition to the B.C. Outdoor Adventure Guide.  

Series Format

Co-race directors Gary Robbins and Geoff Langford have scheduled two races in North Vancouver and two races in Squamish as part of the Coast Mountain Trail Series. The different courses have something for everyone; from an 8 km beginner friendly race to a gruelling 23 km option on parts of the same course as the Squamish 50 ultramarathon.

I’ve registered for what I think is one of the most unique trail events out there – the Buckin’ Hell race. It features four options for trail running enthusiasts; a 7.5 km uphill-only race; a 7.5 km downhill-only race; a 15 km race in which you run both directions; and a relay option where one person runs the uphill portion and their partner completes the downhill race. I love the trails on Mount Seymour where this event is to be held and I’m looking forward to a thrilling downhill race.

The race series involves these events:

  • Cap Crusher – North Vancouver, 8 km & 13 km options; March 23, 2013
  • Survival of the Fittest – Squamish, 13 km & 18 km options; April 13, 2013
  • Buckin’ Hell – North Vancouver, 7.5 km uphill; 7.5 km downhill or 15 km both directions; May 18, 2013
  • Squamish 50 – Squamish, 23 km; August 10, 2013


Join the CMTS Facebook page to keep up-to-date on announcements and special prizes, and read what trail runners are saying about the events.

And don’t forget to use some of my trail running tips to prepare for your event.

This spring and summer get your butt out of the gym and on to the awesome trails we have in our backyard with the Coast Mountain Trail Series. The races might leave you huffing and puffing but I guarantee you’ll also finish with a smile on your face.