Do the Athletics for Kids Fitness Challenge

Is it tough? Sure is. Is it challenging? You bet! Is it worth it? Most definitely!

Credit: Athetics for Kids

Athetics for Kids

Help B.C. kids by participating or donating to the A4K Fitness Challenge

It’s almost time once again for the annual Athletics for Kids Fitness Challenge

I blogged about this event last year and I can’t believe it’s almost time to do it again. I think I’ve recovered enough from the 1000 rep challenge to give it another go.

This unique fundraiser put on by Athletics for Kids (or A4K) has participants go through one of four tough workouts. The money raised helps pay the costs of deserving children to get involved in sports.

Getting kids active in athletics has many benefits beyond the field or court so I’m glad to be a part of this event. 

Four Workouts to Cover All Fitness Levels

The challenge is to complete a certain number of repetitions of specific bodyweight exercises. This year A4K has developed four workouts to choose from, so all fitness levels are accommodated.

The easiest of the workouts consists of completing 250 reps. The next level is 500 reps, then comes the 750-reps workout and, finally, there’s the granddaddy of them all, the 1000-rep challenge. This is the workout I’ll be doing.

Basically all the workouts share the same exercises but you just do more of them in the higher levels. Here’s a video to show you all the exercises.

How to Get Involved in the Athletics for Kids Challenge

The challenge runs during the first week of November. You can help out in a number of ways:

  1. Go to your local gym and do the workout. Choose the workout appropriate for your level of fitness then e-mail your friends and coworkers to collect pledges online. Do the workout anytime during the week.
  2. Grab a few friends or coworkers to form a team and do the workout together. You each have to complete the full workout you’ve chosen to do but you’ll be glad to have the company to motivate each other.
  3. Sponsor someone who’s doing it. If you’d like to sponsor me simply donate to my personal fundraising page. Any amount is appreciated and donations over $10 receive a tax receipt.

Please help Athletics for Kids in their worthy endeavour to help as many kids as they can. We thank you for your support!