What Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know

You already know fast food isn't good for you. But you may never eat at another fast food restaurant again after reading this

Credit: Flickr / Stephen Oung

Fast food is even more unhealthy than you thought

I passed by an iconic fast food restaurant on the way home from the gym yesterday and was tempted to grab lunch

Although I was feeling ravenous, I decided not to give in to the temptation and ate at home.

Then I came across the following infographic and I was glad I didn’t pull in.

I’ll admit it’s not shocking news that fast food isn’t healthy nutrition. And most of us occasionally eat at one of the big fast food chains. Even as a health-conscious trainer, I do it once in a while.

But I don’t think I’ll be eating at any fast food restaurant again after reading the following information. It’s not just the ingredients that concern me but the hygiene issues.

If you’re really dying for a burger, make it at home with your own clean hands and enjoy!

Note: the information in the graphic provides data on the American population. In Canada, about 25% of the population eats at a fast food restaurant at least once per week.

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