Feng Shui for Romance

Light your fire with these feng shui bedroom decoration tips for sparking more romance

Credit: Lisa Graham Seadance Photography

A bedroom that encourages romance can do wonders for your love life

Use the ancient practice of Feng Shui to improve relationships and ignite sparks, especially in the bedroom

Your master bedroom should be decorated and arranged to foster rest, rejuvenation and romance.

The room should be neither too Ying (girlish) nor too Yang (masculine) as you are looking for perfect balance.

What Not to Have in Your Bedroom

Absolute feng shui no-nos in the master bedroom include:

  • Stuffed toys
  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Ironing boards
  • Exercise equipment
  • Craft areas

And anything that relates to your work and does not relate to rest, relaxation and romance!

Optimal Bed Size

A queen-sized bed is most recommended for bringing more romance into your life. There’s a feng shui saying that says: “if you want something new to come into your life, it has to have somewhere to go.”

Bearing this in mind, a single bed leaves little room for a love partner. King beds are less desirable because (in most cases) they have a split box spring, which is believed to energetically cause divisions in relationships. To cure a king-sized bed, and energetically draw the two halves of the box spring together, place a red cloth or use a red fitted sheet on the box spring with the intention of bringing you and your partner closer together.

Bedroom Furnishings

Another surefire way to ensure equality in a relationship is to have equal-sized bedside tables and lamps. Mismatched pieces can represent an unbalanced relationship, with one partner being more dominant over the other.

If you have only one bedside table and lamp you may have difficulty forming lasting relationships because you only get what you are energetically asking for… and that’s a one night stand!

You should also be aware of the significance of art. Battle scenes, predatory animals, crashing waves and damsels in distress give off the wrong energy message. Look for art that features things in pairs: two flowers, two young lovers, two bottles of wine – you get the picture.

And photos of family in the master bedroom are taboo. Do you really want your kids or Great Aunt Ethel symbolically watching you being intimate?

Additional Feng Shui Tips

Additional feng shui enhancements for the romance include:

  • Using the colours red, white or pink as accents
  • Clearing the clutter
  • Repairing (or removing) anything broken
  • Storing nothing under the bed
  • Planning things in pairs: two lamps, two nightstands, two fancy pillows, etc.

Can Feng Shui Really Improve Your Love Life?

But beyond romance, can feng shui help your love life? For suggestions beyond the basics, I posted this question to my colleagues in the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). It turned out to be one of our most lively Facebook Group discussions ever!

IFSG member Piper Lauri Salogga summed up feng shui and sexuality perfectly: “Feng shui is a direct connection to nature’s pulse and, as human beings, we are part of that pulse. We have a beautiful, physical, animalistic charge, organic and blossoming. When we use feng shui and design to connect those energies of the earth to the energies of our hearts, it is powerful beyond measure.”

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Here are some additional recommendations:

  • 5 Senses: Use aromatherapy to arouse your sensuality, candles to set the mood and bedding that is pleasing to the skin. Appealing to the five senses opens our hearts and allows us to connect with our primal sexual energy.
  • Meditation: For most women, the mind is the greatest asset in the bedroom. If your mind is calm and serene, the fun will come. You can’t enjoy your partner if you’re thinking about bills and drama.
  • 5 Elements: Consider the five elements of feng shui: earth, metal, wood, fire and water. Do you have a balance of the elements in your bedroom? Too much fire, for example, may cause arguments. Too much water puts out sparks.
  • Colour: Choose sensual colours in your décor. Red accents can be fabulous, but too much red can introduce too much Fire. When decorating for love and romance you want sparks not an inferno.
  • Chinese Medicine: Consider your kidney function. Really! Karen Rauch Carter, author of the best-selling book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, teaches that, from a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, most imbalances that we would lump into the sexual dysfunction category could be related to the kidneys. (The kidney is associated with the water element.) Weak kidneys fail to reduce excess water and so the water douses the fire of the heart. The good news is, if we support our kidneys, we can regain our vitality and reignite our loving hearts.

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