Feng Shui Your Home’s Entryway

The practice of painting your front door red is one of many ways to invite energy into your home

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As long as you inject intention into the painting of your front door, you’ll open your home to positive energy

Invite energy into your home with these feng shui techniques

One of the most common feng shui beliefs is that in order to attract energy to your home, all you need to do is to paint your front door red. While this can help, there are plenty of other things you can do to invite energy – and opportunity – into your life.

All schools of feng shui consider the front door to be the ‘Mouth of Chi’ – where energy comes into your home and into your life.

Paint the Front Door Red

Before you run to the store for a can of red paint, understand that painting a door (or a wall or an entire house for that matter) without the intention of making changes to your life is simply decorating. Intention is the essential ingredient that adds the flow of ‘wind and water’ energy to your action.

You can add the ingredient of intention by performing the Three Secrets Reinforcements whenever you apply a ‘cure.’ Painting a door or hanging a wind chime are examples of feng shui cures, as long as they are done with intention.

1. Use your mind to visualize the desired change.
2. Use your voice to repeat a mantra.
3. Use your hands to perform a mudra (gesture).

Start setting powerful intentions by first recognizing that your front door was designed by the architect to be the formal entrance to your home. This may (or may not) be the door you use on a daily basis. If you and other family members are not using the formal front entrance to your home (or business) regularly, you may find that you are not open to new opportunities and your energy is stuck.

You can start a feng shui energy shift simply by using the front door on a daily basis.

Feng Shui Practices for Your Entranceway

Here are some other feng shui cures to open your home’s mouth of chi and invite new energy to your life:


  • Put out a welcome mat, preferably one with some red in it because red is a powerful chi enhancer.
  • If appropriate, paint the door any shade of red or add red accents to attract energy.


  • Hang a bell on the inside of the door to ring in new opportunities.
  • Hang a wind chime as a motion and sound cure to activate the chi.


  • Ensure all doors, windows and screens are in good repair.
  • If a window or door is meant to be opened, make sure it isn’t blocked.
  • Ensure that the door swings open freely.
  • Make sure the doorbell, doorknobs and hinges all work.
  • Ensure your mailbox is in good repair.
  • Clean and/or repair any interior window coverings (they are the ‘eyelids’ of chi).
  • Open curtains and blinds daily to invite in energy.


  • Regularly wash windows, screens and doors inside and out.
  • Regularly sweep doorsteps and wipe off cobwebs.

Vegetation and Decoration

  • Trim any vegetation blocking windows, doors and pathways.
  • Deadhead seasonal flowers and weed flowerbeds and planters.
  • Be sure to change seasonal decorations.

And a final word of advice: When opportunity comes knocking, don’t be afraid to open the door!