Feng Shui Tips for Your Clothing

Feeling blue? Then don’t wear black!

Credit: iStock / inkastudio

Ditch your all-black wardrobe and add some colour to your clothes for feng shui benefits and better moods

Use these feng shui tips to improve your mood by adding a little colour to your wardrobe

Feng shui works on the premise that what is closest to you has the most impact on your physical and emotional health. Based on this theory, the colour of your clothing can have a significant influence on how you feel. After all, other than the food you eat, what comes closer to your body than the clothes on your back?

Too Much Black is Bad Feng Shui

Most businesspeople own a black or navy blue power suit. But did you know that draping yourself in such a somber colour before an important presentation may not be such a good thing?

Yes, black is a colour of authority and is worn by judges and members of the clergy, but it’s also associated with sadness and mourning.

Add a Little Colour to Your Wardrobe

Re-thinking that all-black outfit is especially important if you’re feeling depressed, afraid or nervous. Instead of a plain black ensemble, lift your chi (energy) by adding a little colour. Red, for example, is a powerful colour in feng shui theory, associated with prosperity, fame and relationships. Men can add some feng shui energy with a patterned shirt and colourful tie. Women can add a scarf, red shoes or a patterned blouse.

As an added bonus, when you lift your own energy vibration, the energy of those around you is naturally elevated, too.

Organize Your Closet for Feng Shui Benefits

Your environment often mirrors what’s happening in your life, and negative energy is generated from clutter and disarray, unloved and unused items, and broken or dysfunctional things at work and at home. 

Take some time to clean out your wardrobe. Are there items you keep out of guilt? How about that sweater from your mother-in-law? If you don’t wear it, don’t keep it. Get rid of the skinny clothes you hope to fit back into someday. By the time you fit them again they’ll be out of style.

Clear closet clutter by asking yourself for each item:

  • Do I wear it?
  • Do I love it?
  • If it is torn, worn, too small or out of style, can it be altered or repaired?
  • If it can be altered or repaired, repeat questions #1 and #2.
  • What would your life be like without it?

Re-hang, discard or re-cycle to a charity as you see fit.

When you make an effort to balance the energy around you – by adding colour and ditching clutter – the energy within you comes into balance and that creates better health and happiness. Improving your mood makes you better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. And sometimes that can be as easy adding a punch of colour.