Free Exercise Log to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Stick to your New Year's fitness resolutions with my free fitness journal

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Using an exercise log helps you succeed in reaching your fitness goals

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions is easier if you use an exercise and nutrition log

By tracking what you’ve done you’ll know if you’re moving toward or away from your goal.

To help you stay on track you can download my Active Life Journal.

Process Goals Are Important

I’ve blogged previously about process and outcome goals.

Your New Year’s Resolution is an outcome goal since you know if you succeeded based on the outcome.

But to succeed you’ll need to take the appropriate steps, like eating right and exercising, which are your process goals.

If you’re like most people, including myself, you probably over-indulged a little and under-exercised a lot over the holidays. Now you want to shed those few extra Christmas pounds and get fit.

My free fitness journal outlines the process goals you need to achieve on a daily basis to shed fat, tone up and get fit.

Not only does it track your exercise and nutrition but also takes into account lifestyle factors such as sleep and your mental attitude.

It will help you get a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables every day as well as make sure you stay hydrated.

There are plenty of online exercise logs but I find them to be more hassle than needed. Sometimes old-school technology like paper and pen is quicker and easier. No passwords to remember, no bookmarked pages to find, no Wi-Fi required, no power supply needed; simply print the journal and fill in the information.

One Step at a Time toward New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

There are enough sheets to keep track of a month’s worth of activity so print it out each month. Every seven days there is a weekly summary where you can total your daily information and where my suggested weekly goals are listed.

Keep track for a week following your current program and then fill in the first weekly summary.

You’ll see where you’re hitting the mark and where you need to improve.

But don’t try to change everything if you’re falling short in a number of categories. Pick one thing to focus on for the next week and try to improve in only that area. Once you’re hitting the weekly goals in that category, focus on another one.

Here’s to a healthy and active 2011!

Download the Active Life Fitness Journal