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Got Burning Questions About Cannabis? We’ve Got Answers

Residents of B.C. have many questions about cannabis, and here are the answers

Residents of B.C. have many questions about cannabis, and here are the answers

British Columbia is no stranger to recreational cannabis, and consumers want to know it all: How do I spot a good quality bud? What difference does taste make to my experience? What’s this about terpene and cannabinoid profiles?

We reached out to our friends at Figr, a licenced producer with beginnings in Prince Edward Island that has recently expanded into the western market, for the intel.

“Figr is rooted in farming and our multigenerational, Canadian farming families–the Jewells in PEI and the Huszczos in Ontario–are our backbone,” says Zack Grossman, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Figr.

There’s nothing like 150 years of agricultural experience to make a qualified source on all things cannabis. Here we go!

Credit: Figr

How can I tell which strains of cannabis I’d like to try?
When browsing cannabis, you often hear about people seeking out high THC ratios and may think this is the way to go—but as people learn more about cannabis, they’re becoming increasingly discerning in what they’re looking to get out of the experience. Figuring out what you like starts by paying attention to the cannabinoid profile of what you consume and tracking how it makes you feel. The most notable cannabinoids that you’ve likely heard about are THC (the active ingredient that produces a high) to CBD (often associated with relaxation absent of a high). Tracking will help you determine what levels of each work well for you.

“We’re seeing an increase in people looking for more balanced, or even CBD-first strains,” Grossman says. “However, everyone’s body processes cannabis differently. The effect you have with a specific strain may vary from someone else, and that’s why it’s so important to be in tune with your own experience.”

Credit: Figr

What about flavours?
If you want to dig deep into your personal tastes when it comes to cannabis, get to know a little more about the subtle nuances—like a fine wine or coffee, understanding the characteristics of various strains will help you better communicate what you like and what you don’t.

This is where the terpene profile comes into play. Terpenes are organic compounds of a cannabis plant responsible for things like smell and taste—they range in notes like citrusy, sweet and earthy. They also play an important role in how you feel, with some that can promote relaxation and others that can help you feel more focused or energized.

“With time, you’ll notice patterns in what you prefer, which will help you more easily identify other cannabis products that may work for you,” Grossman says.

If you’re really looking to punch up the flavours, check out cannabis vapourizers, which hone in on flavours as a key part of the overall experience. Master Pods and Craft Cartridges are available from Figr in a variety of all-natural flavours, including mixed berry, melon, citrus and terpene.

Credit: Figr

Now that I’m a profile expert, how do I determine quality?
Once you’ve discovered a strain you want to try, now is the time to explore factors that can help you determine quality.

First of all, trust your senses and rely on smell. You want it to be strong, because the longer it sits in packaging, the more time it has to lose its flavour, scent and impact. If you’re not sure about its smell, the packaging date is a great clue. Anything within the past six months can be considered fresh.

Next, look it over. Check out the trichomes—tiny, crystal-like hairs—which should be white when ripe and cover the entire bud. If they appear clear, the plant was probably harvested before it reached maturity. If they appear brown, the cannabis is past its ripeness.

Finally, know the source. Transparent information from the producer is incredibly valuable when buying cannabis because that’s how you know you’re choosing a product you can trust. Who doesn’t want to feel confident about receiving high-quality, reliable cannabis?

Figr has that covered with its Figr Budtender app. Drop in the lot number from your Figr package and presto! You can learn everything about your cannabis, including where and when the plant was harvested, the terpene and cannabinoid profiles, the curing time and much more.

Don’t have Figr product on hand? No problem! Enter the lot number 80 online to learn about Figr No.17 Craft and its distinct terpene profile.

Credit: Figr

Why does knowing where my product comes from even matter?
Like any product you are consuming, you want to know that you can trust how it was produced. Products purchased on the black market are unregulated, so you can never be certain of the conditions under which it was grown. Purchasing from a licenced producer means feeling confident that your cannabis has been tested and meets all of Health Canada’s standards.

Although licenced producers are required to track and report on the supply-chain journey of all products, very few make this data available to consumers. Since having confidence in the product you are purchasing should be priority number one, look out for some of the companies that are stepping up to the plate.

Figr, for example, uses a one-of-a kind traceability platform called SENTRISM to carefully track its cannabis throughout its lifecycle all the way back to the mother plant, and provides consumers with detailed product information, including who grew their product and when.

 “We are committed to ensuring our consumers are equipped with verifiable, accurate and comprehensive information about their products,” Grossman says. “Anything that would help us provide further transparency and additional opportunities to learn about our products is something we’d consider tracking and making available.”

Through that transparency comes consumer education, and that’s just good for everyone.

Credit: Figr

How important is selecting the right cannabis brand?
At the end of the day, quality cannabis is produced by quality growers. This is a skill developed over time, so look for companies that have a knowledgeable team and who emphasize research and innovation. Once you have a positive experience with a particular company, that’s a good place to make roots and begin expanding into new strains by checking out the other products they offer.

Need more info? Learn more about Figr at online and connect on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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