The Health and Wellness Tips You Should Be Paying Attention to in 2015

A look ahead at what will be trending in the health and fitness world with tips from Technogym founder Nerio Alessandri

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Choose wellness for the win this year

2015 has already hit the ground running, along with hundreds of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. After concluding a year of juicing, high-intensity interval training and FitBits, we’re looking ahead at what’s new and trending this year in the realm of fitness, nutrition and technology. To aid our forecast, we asked Technogym founder and president Nerio Alessandri for his expertise and predictions for 2015. He defines wellness as a balance of regular physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude.

Here are Alessandri’s advice and predictions for your healthiest year yet

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On Trending Workouts

“Without a doubt, running both indoors and outdoors will continue to be popular this year… Additionally, I would say functional training group activities, such as our OMNIA and ARKE programs, will continue to gain favour as a sort of return to the origin of movement.”

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On Diet and Nutrition

“There are lots and lots of different trends, but in my opinion the best diet is the Mediterranean one. I always suggest taking inspiration from the Italian cuisine. Choose seasonable fruits and vegetables and try to keep the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates and dairy. We recommend balanced meals cooked fresh every day from organic local produce.”

On Digital Technology

“The big trend right now is the complete personalization and digitization of [fitness data] and training programs. The advent of ever-new digital technologies has given rise to the ‘quantified self’: the desire to acquire and receive data on all aspects of everyday life. People’s lifestyles are changing and they want to stay connected to their world of personal content and data wherever and whenever they want.

Wellness is now truly mobile, and this development is something worth taking advantage of to achieve your personal wellness goals more quickly.”

On Daily Routine

“Move more and sit less. Relevant studies show that it is not just important to exercise more, it’s also vital to reduce the time you spend sitting down in order to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses.

Bear in mind that we were born to move: our ancestors walked and ran an average of 30km every day to hunt and search for food for the community; that equates to more than half a marathon each day. Today our daily movement equates to just 1km on average each day, which is much lower than the ideal.”

Moving is key, whether it is in playing sports, going to the gym, walking the dog, doing the shopping, looking after children, or using a wellness ball instead of a chair. Every little thing helps in improving your everyday lifestyle.

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On the Workplace

“Prioritize wellness in the workplace. Wellness represents a concrete and substantial social opportunity: for governments to reduce health service costs, for companies to grow productivity, and for communities to be healthier and happier. Wellness at work is a key asset for companies.

A corporate wellness program represents a long-term investment in a more positive, creative and productive workforce, and builds your organization’s positive links with the local community. Ultimately this impacts your company’s bottom lines in a real way and contributes to the reduction of stress in all roles.”

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On Overall Wellness

“Take the balanced approach. Remember that “wellness” is the balance between the body, mind and spirit, and is achieved through a balance of regular physical exercise, a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude. Improving our physical, psychological and mental condition means greater vitality, more emotional security and better efficiency, both at work and in interpersonal relationships. A successful professional and private life leads to higher self-esteem, gratification and fulfillment, and this in turn provides the ideal conditions to feel even better physically and psychologically.”