Health Risks of an Apple-shaped Body

Apples are delicious but looking like one is bad for your health

Credit: Greenmonster

If your body is apple-shaped, you’re at risk of developing serious illnesses

An apple-shaped body is an indicator of poor health

If you’re at a normal weight but your body shape is thicker around the middle (apple-shaped body type), it could be a sign that you’re carrying an unhealthy amount of visceral fat.

Excess body fat of any type increases your chances of developing serious illnesses, but visceral fat, which builds up inside your abdomen, is especially harmful. 

Visceral fat can trigger an overproduction of stress hormones, disrupting the body’s metabolism, and it can also lead to a buildup of harmful fatty acids in the liver, heart and other organs, impairing their ability to function.

Even if you’re at a normal weight for your height, as little as one extra pound (.5 kg) of belly fat can be harmful. Measure your waist size at the navel to see if you are in the danger zone:

Men: Waist over 35-40 in./ 89-102 cm

  • Women: Waist over 32-35 in./81-89 cm 

Note: Waist size danger zones differ among different ethnic groups. For detailed information, go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada‘s healthy waists section.

If you have an apple shape, now’s the time to tackle that tummy!

Originally published in Wellness Matters, Canada Wide Media’s quarterly newsletter on health and wellness.