Healthy cat litter alternatives

Alternatives to clay-based, clumping litter are better for cat, owner and planet.

Alternatives to clay-based, clumping kitty litter are good for cat, owner and the planet


The dangers of clay-based cat litter have been well-documented. Clay is commonly strip-mined, making it a non-renewable resource. And in order to create the extra “clumping action” pet owners have come to depend on for its convenience, silica is added to the concoction. However, silica dust is a known carcinogen, causing “‘significant increases in the incidence of adeno carcinomas [cancerous growths] and squamous cell carcinomas of the lung’ in the animals exposed to crystalline silica.”

Cats inhale silica dust and send it airborne when they scratch the litter. To make matters worse, they carry it all over the house on their fur, where they leave it on furniture and carpets, and ingest the rest when they clean themselves. This poses a health hazard to both cats and their owners.


Plant-based and recycled alternatives 


You have other, healthier options that don’t involve destructive resource extraction or hazardous substances. Here’s an overview:



Wheat husk litter


The clumps easily fall apart, flushable, absorbent, good odour control.


Whole kernel corn litter


Virtually dust-free, clumping, pleasant light corn fragrance.


Citrus peel litter


Nice citrus scent, quick-absorbing, less tracking.


Recycled newspaper pellet litter


Biodegradable, flushable, able to be burned.


Pine or cedar sawdust pellet litter


Very absorbent, then breaks down into sawdust again when dry, neutralizes ammonia, can be flushed in small amounts.

For more detailed information on three leading alternative litter brands, check out Green Little Cat, a blog “dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers.”

You can purchase alternative cat litter at participating Tisol stores in Vancouver, Burnaby, White Rock, Richmond and Langley, as well as at specialty stores around the Lower Mainland.



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