How to Drink More Water

We all know that we need to drink more water, but how? These tricks make it easy to reach your daily H20 goals

We all know that we need to drink more water, but how? These tricks make it easy to reach your daily H20 goals


1. Start the day with hot water and lemon

Hot water and lemon is my go-to drink every morning. It kick-starts my digestion and flushes out my system. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for boosting your immune system and fighting colds. Not only can lemon help clear up your skin, but it also provides energy, enhances your mood, promotes healing and aids in weight loss—it’s so simple yet so powerful.


2. Fill ‘er up

Another routine I’ve started is lining up eight glasses of water on my kitchen counter. Every time I come into the kitchen or run home in between meetings, I drink a glass of water to ensure I get my minimum eight glasses a day. It’s easy to get busy and forget to drink enough water, but this way I can keep track of my daily hydration.


3. Add fruit and bubbles

Here’s incentive to help you drink more water! Try infusing fresh, seasonal ingredients and adding bubbles with a sparkling beverage system. It’s a fun, healthy (and trendy) way to make water delicious—and you’ll be motivated to stay hydrated.


4. Apple and cinnamon sparkling water recipe

Darren Hatherell, president of Bonne O beverage carbonation system, suggests a simple approach: find whatever is seasonal and fresh, put it in the bottle and sparkle it! For a fall twist, try this apple and cinnamon sparkling water. The infusion of the flavours during the sparkling process is where the magic happens, creating a rich flavour profile (versus just garnishing a glass of sparkling water with an apple)—and it’s quick and easy!

  1. Simply add a few slices of apple and a stick of cinnamon to your Bonne O bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water.
  3. Fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system to sparkle and infuse.
  4. When it’s ready, you can open, pour and enjoy. Alternatively, leave the sealed, fully sparkled bottle in the refrigerator and the apple and cinnamon flavours will get more and more powerful.